Our Journey So Far

Chance is home and has been home since 2-2-13.  He is doing remarkable well.  Everyday he  brings much joy to our life and is going leaps and bounds.  WE are actually just amazed at how fast  and well he is doing. We did not know what to expect but we are please with our little guy. He is very Special.  Thank you for all your prayers and Patience in this journey.  I am working on getting lose ends tied up and getting long over due notes, cards, emails and letters wrote and sent out.  I am very sorry its been so long. Once you read the WOTL maybe you will understand WHY its has been so long.  Love you All. 2-27-14

We have been back 4 weeks Sunday and its not any easier we are still dying with missing our precious one?  We wonder if he able to look at our pictures?  We wonder if he get to sleep with the blanket we left him?  Oh my heart is breaking. This pain is a tuff one. Because its one I have no control over it and it hurts.  Still believing God is able to do the IMPOSSIBLE.  I cant wait till the day I get to see him again. Then the next day court and the next day leave and then I have to wait 3O days and he will be home forEVER.  Oh dear God in Heaven please bring our baby home quickly.  IN Jesus name Amen.. 7/23/12

We have been to our Country. WE are now in Country and have met our precious little one we are adopting.  Our last day her is Sunday 24th. 

Dont know when we will be called to come back to have court?  Please pray for quick court date and provision.  Humbly thank you.