Saturday, October 29, 2011


Ways to make a difference:
Make a CHANGE Jar start keeping Coins for Cole+ brother( LittleMAN)
Do a bake sale to Raise Money to bring Cole and LittleMAN Home.
INVOLVE your Community  copy/paste picture of Cole (dont have picture of LittleMAN yet) and our Family and Let Everyone know what you are raising money for and WATCH God bless your efforts.
Write a letter to the editor of newspaper about what you are doing and wanting to accomplish. Its called Community Service.  If you are a Child do it as a Service Project you may even get credit for it.

So let each one give as he purposes in his heart not grudgingly or of necessity for ...God loves a Cheerful Giver  2 Cor 9:7    "Give and it will be given to you: good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over will be put into YOUR bosom. For the same measure that you use, it will be measured back to you."  Luke 6:38

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Urgent Prayer Request- FIND Brother QUICKLY

Dear Friends,
     We have a prayer, we want to place before you, as some may know this, this is NOT a normal Adoption in no way shape or form.  We found out that Cole has a brother he is 8 well we went to inquire about him we have been told he is not on the data base not sure where he is.  They have said to apply for the 1 and be willing to adopt brother if they can find him.  We are very excited they are talking to us and letting us to still go forward we are not complainging at all. WE Just need prayers to find him. As you know our heart is just having to trust God in this because we know we cant leave without brother and Cole would be lost totally leaving his one blood relative that can come too.  So please everyone pray that it would be very easy to find him and that God would remove all the red tape and let this be a very Set apart adoption with no more craziness. We have not time for craziness we have already had that this last year. WE are on a very limited time with Cole age  he is already 16 we got our papers in before he turned 16 we must move quickly. SO please pray we get all the money we need to move fast and that we can find his brother very quickly.  That they will be amazed that they found him and there was not wild search for him and he is released to be adopted too.  Thank you for all your prayers.  I know God is ABLE to do the IMPOSSIBLE. 

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Please HELP bring our Last Chance Orphan Home & His 8 year old brother...

Thank you for all who have given in the PAST, Present, Future and those that keep on giving.  I pray for EVERYONE who visits our blog. Without you and a Miracle from the Lord bringing our Last Chance Child home and his 8 year old brother wont happen.  This is Cole's only Chance to come home and have a family that loves him so much.  He is already 16 and anyone that knows what happens in Europe when a child ages out it is not pretty.  We have secured him with Immigration and we can bring him Home with your help.  I promise NO AMOUNT IS TO SMALL.  Please give what you can and God will bless the rest.

For anyone who wants to make a donation and would like it to be tax deductible... REMEMBER EVERY AMOUNT COUNTS.  Make check out to "Josephs Home" with a post em note: Connect Ministry Hands and Hearts for Orphans


 1471 Tobe Wells Rd.
 Elberton, GA 30635

Ways to make a difference:
Make a CHANGE Jar start keeping Coins for Cole+ brother( LittleMAN)
Do a bake sale to Raise Money to bring Cole and LittleMAN Home.
INVOLVE your Community  copy/paste picture of Cole (dont have picture of LittleMAN yet) and our Family and Let Everyone know what you are raising money for and WATCH God bless your efforts.
Write a letter to the editor of newspaper about what you are doing and wanting to accomplish. Its called Community Service.  If you are a Child do it as a Service Project you may even get credit for it.

So let each one give as he purposes in his heart not grudgingly or of necessity for ...God loves a Cheerful Giver  2 Cor 9:7    "Give and it will be given to you: good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over will be put into YOUR bosom. For the same measure that you use, it will be measured back to you."  Luke 6:38

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pray 4 my Friend N Texas 4 Strength & Courage 2 God On.

Praying for my friends in the Loss of there son this week. Please lift them up in your prayers. Rhonda for Physical strength as well as mental strength. Pray that the Lord will be the wind beneath her wings. Their Shelter and Strong Tower.
This is my comfort in my distress that your Promise gives me LIFE. Psalm 119:50.
Dear Family and Friends,
Held up to your light, your broken hearts can become Prisms that scatter micro-rainbows on the wall. Our pain is useless as it is, redeeming God, just as a prism is a useless chunk of glass unless until light passes through it. Remind them Lord that the smallest Ray of sun in a shower can create a rainbow. Use there tears as the showers and your love as the sun. Looking up, we see the tiniest arches of hope in the lightening sky.
I will turn their mourning into JOY, I will COMFORT them, and give them gladness for sorrow. Jeremiah 31:13
God bless you all.
Today we found out that we have been officially approved to go forward we don't have much time because we have already been working a year literally over a year our Immigration stuff only has little time in adoption time. Everything has to go in perfect without a hitch and no problems. Please pray if there is any family left that they will sign all rights for us to adopt OUR boys. I asked how long they said it will take as long or as quick as it takes to raise the funds. We would love to get them by DEC 30 which is unheard of but I feel MY GOD is ABLE TO DO ANYTHING so please come along us and BELIEVE and PRAY that GOd is ABLE.
We are supper excited to go and get the Free Bunk bed tomorrow thanks to a Pastor in Greenville, SC. What a blessing. Having a Paint Party Monday to get the room ready for the final Home study Monday. Believing Jehovah Jirah, Anne

Friday, October 21, 2011

A "Journey" To Save 2 Lives Forever. The "A" Word is a picture of GOD's ...

Please pray for this precious family she is also Battling Breast Cancer and Losing her Son in a Tragic Death.

Lord beyond having to experience the loss of her son My New sweet friend Rhonda is having her own Job experience pray for her she is very sick as well she as you can read is fighting the horrible disease of breast cancer. She needs us to life her up so she can feel totally well for today, tomorrow and this week to get done the things she needs. She could probably use this money she is wanting our family to have herself but she is sacrificially believing this is what God wants her to do with any money that come in in lieu of her Sons memory. Please lift her and her family and friends up. I wish their was some way I could to just hold her and pray over her:( Know we are praying for you guys.
Dear Anne,
I want to ask you to pray for me and any of your prayer warriors to pray tomorrow is Zhenya's memorial service. I am fighting breast cancer and going through chemo. My system is under a lot of stress this week and my immunities are way down woke up this morning feeling sick. I want to be blanketed in the protection from our great healer. I will be devastated if I am too sick to attend our sons service.

In His Love Rhonda

Thursday, October 20, 2011

My Heart IS SO Full With What God Did Tonight

Wont go into a lot of details but I assure you they are very sad and heart breaking details to this family in mist of there tears and despair They know They serve a MIGHTY God all I can tell you We serve and AMAZING GOD. There was a sweet lady who contacted me via blog and wanted to speak to me very quickly. I had been gone all day so it was late when I got home, actually a friend of mine had told me about the what seemed Urgent Message. SO when I got home I contacted them. What I heard was devastating and my heart broke for this family but in the mist of their SORROW they wanted to bless our family by helping us to get our boys home. They have adopted 5 children from Russia and Ukraine but have 8 children. She found my blog from the 32 blogs featured on that I didn't even mean to get on and was scared to death to do for fear our country would be upset....She had donated the other day.(Which thank you again for that) After that day something happened that would change their life forever. The son that they had adopted many years ago died this week. She was touched by our blog the older child as this is where there hearts were as well she came back and was reading further some how found out where our children was from and knew what God wanted them to do with all the money that was donated in their Sons honor... Talk about weeping and a humbling moment I indeed lost it. This precious lady has just lost her son and she says,"God is A Redeemer and we want that money in memory of OUR SON to help bring your OUR children home." I am honored that they would want to keep their sons memory alive by giving HOPE to OURs. I have told Everyone from the Get Go this entire Faith Journey is bigger than US. I cant hide TRUTH anymore this is God, this is not Just Phillip and I deciding to do something we want. As you read the path of this Adoption Journey My Prayer is that you will see the Writing on the Wall that this is Jesus's Story not ours. My hearts desire for my New Kindred Sister is that God will get the Glory in the mist or your pain.(Jehovah Shalom) This is so crazy that this has even happened this week. My family just watch 5th Quarter and was really kinda worried at the 1st seen it has some very intentional language so I was thinking Hmmm I don't know about this. But was told by a reliable source it was a great movie so we got through the intense moment and basically the 15 year old son was killed in a car wreck with a bunch of children driving crazily. (This is a true story by the way.) The hospital asked them if they would allow him to be a donor. They agreed, well one of the organs to go was the heart. I wont tell you the rest of the story but they did this so that there son memory LIVE ON and would bless others. IT was a very touching movie. One I don't know how I would deal with losing any of my children God has showed me over and over they are not mine. But that they are His and He loves them more than I can imagine. I believe that, but it would only BE by Gods GRACE that I would get through that... I love you Sweet Family thank you so much. To all your friends who ARE Giving The Gift of Life That Will Keep Giving. I can promise you 100 percent of your blessing will go towards Adoption. If we reach our goal with Cole and LittleMAN then we will prayerfully pray about proceeding in starting Lord willing to bring a 3rd child on that 3rd trip of bringing the two boys home. We would consider starting adoption Proceedings for Jordy Lord willing. This is not official with there agency because we are looking for a family for him and my husband has to know without a shadow of a doubt that this is Gods WILL not mine or his.(he is a very wise man) if we are blessed with above and beyond what we need for Cole and LittleMan we will SOW it into another need in the Adoption World PROMISE. May the Love keep going...God you are MOVING ME and MY Family beyond anything I could of ever imagined. We honestly have NO idea what God will do but we are just honored to be chosen for such a TIME AS THIS~

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

In the mist of Saddness God has brought Tears of Joy and Hope.

As I was writing a letter to our new Agency dates starting popping in my head of why October can be a hard month for my family. 7 yrs ago we lost my daddy on Oct 10th. You would think the pain gets easier, it doesnt. I still miss him just as much as I did when he 1st died. I miss that our children wont be able to experience there PaPa Zutuat that Kolya and Little Man (just because we dont have name yet for him) wont get to meet there granddaddy and my children have lost a grandpal. Then I got to thinking today is the October 17th 4 years to the day that Phillip and I did another thing by faith we got Reversal of a vasectomy. This I will have to be honest has been the hardest 4 years of my life wanting a baby so bad and not understanding why God wasn't giving us another baby or more babies. But today he has given us double blessing he has given us two children that we are very excited about and honored to have as a part of our family. Sometimes he has to withhold a blessing to give you another one 1st. Praise God being barren can be a blessing in deguise when he has more blessings for you 1st. He is faithful and He will never make a promise and break it. I BELIEVE... Thank you Lord for that spot of JOY that I will forever remember on OCT 17 you are the life giver you was the bearer of light today you brought us "Light" and "Direction" into our situation. I am AMAZED BY YOU LORD.

I AM Speechless, God Has MOVED the MOUNTAINS !!!

As of today we got a FREE bunk beds for the boys, we got an Agency, and the most of all we got the consent from our boy's region to move forward to Adopt our two boys. WE went after the one and got a double blessing in the whole deal. Someone has said that they was going to be lucky to have us but I feel we are the ones who are going to be the ones truly blessed to have these two wonderful children in our home. I cant wait to see them to hug them to tell them how God never left them after there momma died it just felt that way for awhile. How we are a product of there mommas prayers she wanted more for her children she didn't want them in that orphanage she wanted them to have a home with a family. AND by GODS Grace we are going to be that family. I have faith but I don't know that I had this much faith to see it finally all coming together some know the journey some don't and some don't care and I respect that because I didn't understand either until I started researching Gods word on the Orphans, the fatherless, widow and the foreigners. I for one will be ever changed you get those 4 little words and do a Strong's concordance study going and do all the parallel scripture it will blow your mind it did mine. My bible say(my paraphrased version till I can get the verses) To him that does not and knows to do good is sin. OH my goodness I can not blind my eyes to the truth. I want to be a Hope Dealer and a Healer by being Jesuses Hand and Feet. My husband loved working with the older children when he was Youth Pastor at the time in a rough neighborhood. He loves working with the teens now. He just loved them so he is very excited about Kolya and his brother. Little does Kolya know but we had Christmas for him in his list from the Hosting program all he wanted was a " Red Table Ping Pong Paddle" Well his new Nunnie got him not only a Red Table Tennis Paddle but a real Ping Pong Table. He wanted a Bird God provided him a Cockatial seriously it was FREE. WE are ecstatic and he has a coat we bought him when he was coming and we have kept it believing God Promises to us. We have a lot to do before Nov 1st. We have to redo all of our homestudy since it expires Dec 30th. We have to get their rooms ready that means paint, new floors, and bed linens for boys we have 4 boys that are in dyer need of that so we are praying Lord you can provide. Things are not what makes you happy it is Jesus and the love you have with your family. I dont need things I just need JESUS and I need My family all together. Two more Lonely children will be going home to a family. Now we just have one more that we need to find a home for. His name is Jordy. Please PRAY for Jordy a home very quickly we cant leave him he deserve a family. My thoughts on this " Here I am send me Lord." Fill my cup over runneth with your children let me retire taking back the ground satan has stolen from our family by having a vasectomy. Praise Gods it is reversed but we missed out on precious children!!!! in that time. I want to fill my house with Gods children. Bring that joy and laughter into our house that comes with children and a house full. In Jesus name do exceedingly and abundantly more than I can ever ask hope or dream and manifest it in the Physical.

Please pray for little Jordy he is 7 and he need a home. And all I can say to that Lord Here I am I am willing...I am going to leave you with Jordys picture if you want more info on him please contact me I am his official Prayer Warrior we have to find him a home he is too happy he needs a home.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Chip IN: Connect Ministry Hands&Hearts 4- The ORPHANS

Well my little bloggies I have had a request for a chip in. It is on the sidebar, so if anyone would like to "chip in" to help us, that would be awesome. I do want to continue to thank Adeye ( ) for all the wonderful prizes and wonderful help in advocating the 32 families who are on a Journey to SAVE A LIFE or LIVES. With every 10.00 donation you get your name in the pot and if you share the link get you another chance. I know everyone could use a $500.00 gift card to Target! Go have fun and help bring all these precious children home. IN Gods eyes every dime counts and in my eyes every Penny counts. The widow gave all she could give and God blessed it. Pray and ask the Lord what he would have you give and I promise you the Lord will give back, hands down, pressed down, shaken down, good measure. He is faithful. Thank you for all of you that has already given. Blessings

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Praising God for the BLOGGERS Faithfulness!!!!!!

I just wanted to put a quick note to thank you for your faithfulness. Every dime counts in this world down the the penny a 100 pennies make a dollar. 200 hundred pennies make a 2 dollars. It all ADDS up. Over the 1 days by your Generous Hearts we have collect 300.00. We are ecstatic because due to our circumstance we have to redo/update our whole Home Study a cost we did not figure in. We have always had the motto " A LITTLE Makes ALOT"
I am praying blessing to rain down on your family whether you give monetarily or in Prayer with the gift of TIME. We need Prayers and we NEED a MIRACLE. Please Help Pray our boys HOME IN GOD SPEED TIME. God hasn't got us this far to leave us. He has a plan and a purpose for them. DEC 31, 2011.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A "Journey" To Save 2 Lives Forever. The "A" Word is a picture of GOD's ...

OnWard Christian SOLDIERS!!!!

You know I read something in the Bible, looked it up and it said we was not to be perpetually anxious. It was in the Amplified Bible. I had to really think about that. I had to confess I have been more than a little anxious over this situation. As most is when they are very emotionally involved with the children that we already love in our hearts like they are ours already. When the government says they are theirs still. Oh Lord calm my anxious heart. Let me be still in Jesus name. I know you do love these precious children more than I can ever Hope Dream or Imagine and Lord I really do know you have a plan for both of the children and all the other children I have fallen in love with off of Reeces Rainbow like Jordie and Xenia (EmmaGrace) God you have broke my heart with these children and I want all of them. So God I am just asking you to remove the Red Tape with Kolya+brother and let us move forward and be done so I can go and get the rest of them.
Adoption is a way of life. Its a life time commitment some might say are you done after you get such and such. I would have to so,"No." I can never be done till all the children are free from bondage and is brought out of all the Egypt's of the World. Lord bring them All home to families who will love them and cherish them for who they are and except them just as they are and take the good bad and they ugly.
We went to a Connected Child conference with Karyn Purvis and found out there is a lot of Ugly that can go on with adoption it was very scary to really think about all that could really be when reality sets in. I had to really look at my self and you know what God showed me that I too can be really ugly at times and God still loves me. I look at that verse in our marriage vows "For Better for Worse" till DEATH do us part. Whoa how many really look at that verse and says For better For Worse and Really knows what that CAN mean. I didn't when I got married. Never even dawned on me. I as a 1st time adopted parent have no clue what is to come but I do know that we are walking in blind faith in this Journey believing GOd is going to provide every dime needed, is equipping us for whatever comes our way, He knows already what is in store for us in way of this Adoption. I am so glad God loved me enough to send His Son Jesus to die for me and save me from my sins so I don't have to burn in Hell for eternity. I cant imagine not going and fighting for these 2 children and any of the rest He sends our way. No matter what the cost, whether it be financial, or Life wise. That verse comes back to me about laying our lives down and when we lose our lives we will gain our life. This is not about US its about caring for someone else more than ourselves or our comfortable life style. Please come along side of us and pray for a Miracle. We are the only ones on the face of this earth RIGHT now that can Adopt *Cole he is 16 as of March 9,2011. Someone in his country could maybe get him but most dont go after that age. We want him and have found out he has a brother and we want him too.
Our *Cole+brother is not a traditional orphans. There momma died 2 yrs ago we found him last Nov. threw a hosting program. We have had to wait till he went on International Registry well that BIG day is November 9th. By God graces we was able to secure him on the USA side before his 16th birthday by ourselves no agency would help said not enough time. They Wanted us to walk away. It wasn't just one it was several. God said,"GO forward." So we did and He worked it out. We was able to get it in by the skin of our teeth. We feel like ONWARD CHRISTIAN SOLDIERS. We need people committed to praying for Kingdom Connections, Favor with these officials, God Speed, our time is ticking Immigration expires 18 months from time started, Favor with his region and the leaders there, and to get all the paperwork, clearances redone by Nov 2011 so we can go there and hand deliver it, plus pray for Very Important meeting with the people who can say Yes or no... Thank you in advance. I know we serve a MIGHTY GOD and HE IS ABLE.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Major News There Is Not Just One of Cole* there is a Brother!!!

Hello Bloggie friends, Facebook friends it has been along time since I have written but I can tell you the excitement and the activity has been going on behind the scenes, that is for sure with our “Adventure” in this Quest for Adoption we have recently found out he has Brother that is 8.  This JOURNEY has been like a really suspenseful movie/ dream.  Asking OK Lord what next?  We have prayed and prayed and prayed some more and we feel like the Lord has said keep moving on till no more doors open so we are walking this FaithLine out.  By God’s Grace we have been given a large amount of money to keep walking till we can not walk anymore.   We can start getting dossier together on own, we can get stuff apostilled, go to Europe.  We just found out we have to redo all of our Home Study has to be redo all Security Clearance, FBI. Since we have been working on this since November of last year.  But we ARE BELIEVING GOD IS ABLE TO GET US AN APPOINTMENT. GOD CAN DO ANYTHING. We will be covered financially for this leg of Journey however God leads.  This is A HUGE blessing more than you can ever imagine.  Thank you personally to the Family that believes in Ko***+ brother.  The life that God has in store for him and now his brother.  They are not going to give up and we are not either.  This whole Journey is bigger than Us.
Just Prayer Request: 
  1. Please pray:  We GET a meeting that we Need Desperately with a Very important person that has the power to open or close the door in this case. We need this appointment.  PRAY FOR IT.
We are the only ones internationally that can adopt Ko*** now.  He is 16 therefore no one can adopt him except us because we got his paper work in before he turned 16 by the skin of our teeth and the Grace of God.

  1. Pray:   For our  Dream:  Pray everything completed and have them Adopted by Dec 31st,2011Don’t know if this has been done before but there is ALWAYS 1st with God.  We BELIEVE God this MIRACLE  He opens and closes the doors.  I choose to believe the IMPOSSIBLE. That’s what makes it so much more interesting.  Found out we can submit Dossier by hand but have to have Agency to do this pray we can find the one that God has hand picked.  We have been pursuing since Nov 2010 but got official paper work in March 2, 2010.
As we have said from the get go HE -Jehovah was going to have to do it.  We have not the ability to do anything BUT God does.  We have the heart that LOVES and runs deep for these boys that in our hearts they are ours already.   He has gotten us this far which is amazing all the contacts, met timelines, resources, funds, and paper work.  Non of which has been us it has been the Lord and connections and Gods Grace.  CONNECT CONNECT is what God has done in this time.  If I had a map and could put a dot on all the people God has lead us to it would be amazing.   Like Connect the Dots.

  1. Pray:  An Agency. 
We had found one at the Summit and they did a lot of leg work but in the end decided it was more work than they felt like they wanted to do.  I respect them most adoptions are less involved than ours.  We have a lot of details and background. SO if you can PRAY for The AGENCY of Gods CHOOSING we are open for anyone.

  1. Pray:  Grants when things start moving God will open the flood gates and provide the money quick.   We have only 18months from the time we got our stuff into from Immigration which we FEB 2011 before our stuff expires. Our home study and FBI stuff has to be redone it expired Dec 31st. But praise God that will be covered by donation given.  So we are again on a time restraint. 
  We thank you for your time and prayers and I will keep you posted as things move forward. We love you guys and value your prayers.  Help save a LIVES 2 very special ones PRAY.
The Petitts as always blog become a follow and watch this Journey unfold according to GOD’s will be done in Jesus Name.
"May the God of HOPE fill you with all the JOY and PEACE as you TRUST  in HIM."
Romans 15:13