Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Day 1: How The Journey Began?

As I sit here in the wee hrs of the night just thinking and expecting and wondering how God is going to make all this happen..  The average Joe would think we have went out of our ever living minds.  But I have news for you we haven't.  We have prayed earnestly, through prayer and crying out for wisdom from our Lord Jesus Christ for his will and not ours.. How does one ever come to this place?  Well very carefully and very prayerfully.. Phillip and I have always had a passion for underprivileged children.  Off the charts on the Gift of Mercy I am.  Our journey started so long ago actually with looking into the local DFAC.. My husband at the time was only making $12.00 an hr we went to DFACs Foster Care and expressed an interest.... actually it started when I was sitting in medicaid office updating medicaid and I saw this My Turn Now book full of all these beautiful children  there was one set of 5 to be exact they were precious I still have them in my mind I can remember them so vividly.  I was in love and I wanted those little girls I took the boys, took me a book and I started on my endeavor..  I showed Phillip this book with all these children in it.. We found another special boy we have never been able to forget older boy named Olga he sounded like he would of fit in our family perfectly.  Musically inclined, talented in several areas, loved the trampoline and we just wanted to get to know more about these two picks we had chose my girls ranged from 3 to 10 nice spread and throw the  boys in with that perfect..  Well we and another family went and had a meeting with DFACSs we were ready to start proceedings for  foster to adopt.  Well guess what they looked at us like we was plum out of our minds..  They did the math WE just let our hearts walk and talk for us..  To this day Phillip and I have never forgot those two sets of children and even when we got a little more on our feet we went to looking for those precious children, At that time it just wasnt Gods timing.  So being a new radical for Christ I was trying to wait on the Lord and that was 06 when that started.  In 07 I came across www.NewHorizonsforChildren.org  Every year I would show Phillip all those precious children, sibling groups.  I got the same answer so I had to wait but as I would wait I would weep and pray over these children..  They get to come 2 times a year once in summer and once in winter.  Each year I was faithful I went back and kept looking this time I got the boys looking.. We have always taught our children about what the Bible says in Psalms 10:14b The helpless commits (leaves, entrust) himself to YOU; You are the helper of the fatherless. We have read tons of missionary books YWAM one of our favorites George Muller and any others we could get our hands on.  Knowing our 9 meals in a 3 day period plus we cant forget snacks ect to there 1 in poverty stricken areas..  My heart Lord break it.  When I was in Hondurous God broke me for the poor of the land I seen the poorest of the poor.  We are rich compared to what I seen even the poorest of poor in America is Rich..  Some might not like that statement and I don't want to offend anyone but what I have seen in this one village not even the word I have in my mouth could describe to you what I saw.  I began a journey over there I cried out to God for understanding.. Why God why God it was more than I could bear and again I wept over these poverty stricken people. People with such infections, lack of clothing, bloated stomachs, death all over them.  Then Lord sent me to Job..
 As I kept studying Gods word I did a 6 hr intense bible study on my own the word fatherless, orphans widows and foreigners..  I had 6 pages front and back of Gods thoughts, and His heart when it came to these people in His word.  It might of been at that point I had surrendered this area of my life to Him and told Him it was His life in me, and His home: Body, Soul and Mind---- have thy own way Lord you are the potter and I am the clay, hold me and mold me....So this is where we have come from.. to be continued for the rest of the story..

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