Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Where do we Began?

We are feeling like a fish in water flopping and gasping for air at this point.  We still realize the importance of knowing that if God doesn't move mountains then "Cole" will not get to come home.  We are standing still and waiting on our Miracle.  We are assured that no matter what Gods plan for "Cole" is we are a part of it.  He has put us in "Coles" path to pray for him, to love him and to believe in him.  God has put great people in our path in this journey in the mean time.  What we do know is we are adopting whether it be one or whether is be 2, 3 or 4.  We will go where God leads.  We are willing and ready to bring Kolya home and believing God for this.  If for some reason God changes avenue for "Cole" we have a back up plan with the Harbor House in Russia with Alex Krutov and his wonderful group of people in a transitional home that will teach him a trade and disciple him in Gods word and provide a place for him to stay. We would pay for this by the Grace of God and his provision's. He is our son and we will take care of him whether he is here or there.  and if God open other doors to get him here we will walk threw them.   We have decided whatever Gods plan is which at this point we are walking by faith we are "ADOPTING".  We have 3 other children whom we are praying for families one im particular that I would love to get at the same time as Kolya.  Phillip says he is not making any decisions about anything else till we hear from Russia about Kolya so we will just wait and see what God says to do and how to go about doing it.  I will include a picture of Him. His name is Sergio-(means a Servant) he is two and he is precious.    We will call him "Chance" from here on out which means- Lord of Judgment.
Now to update you on all that is happening in other areas of this adoption.  We are ecstatic.  We have found a non profit organization to take our donations.  They are called Project Hopeful wonderful organization we are so blessed to be partnering with them.. In every donation you give with not only help our Adoption it will help others as well.  5 percent goes to there FIG program which stands for Family in the Gap.  This is an organization that truly believes in the Call of God in there lives to take care of the orphans. Carolyne and Kiel Tweitmeyer who started this has now 14 children 6 from Ethiopia and 1 domesticated baby with down syndrome Sophia Hope she is precious 11 weeks, along with there  6 children before the adoptions.  You can check them and there ministries out at www.projecthopeful.org they have alot of You Tube as well..  Very compelling ministry.
Was able to go to the Orphan Summit last week 4/12,13/2011 in Louisville Kentucky  it was more than AWESOME. I have new wind beneath my wings.  I heard some thing I am taking with me.  When you adopt in America you are literally bettering a life praise God,  when you adopt Internationally you are Literally CHANGING A LIFE.   Unless you have been there or know people down this road you cant imagine the conditions or the things these precious children young and old face in a day to day life.  It absolutely breaks my heart.  I cant save all the 147million orphans but I can "Change" the ones God places in front of us.
We so need your prayers for a Miracle and provision, wisdom with a pure heart in all these decision that has to be made as they arise.  Your prayers are like the wind beneath our wings so please start praying and dont stop.  God does here our prayers.
One last thing we are going to start selling t-shirts and Handmade products and  Jewelry from African Refugees and Ugandan Women.  This will help in two ways.  The  iswe are working with which
www.147millionorphans.org buys their products from these African Refugees and Ugandan women.  These women are then able to earn a sustainable income from making these beautiful products.  In the mean time 147 million gives back as well to International Orphan ministries in China, Uganda, Haiti, Honduras, & Ethiopia.  Each purchase helps feed an Orphan, provide food for a family and Helps SAVE A LIFE threw Adoption. We will have T-shirts as well as Jewelry. So more to come on this soon with pictures.  Put your orders in now.  email me at annepetitt@windstream.net    Think outside the box:
Birthdays, Christmas, Just because gifts.  They are so beautiful and colorful.  Women will love, little girls will think they are princesses.

Thank you for your time and God is Good ALL the TIME  God is good.  Be Blessed this Summer.  The Petitts

Join in prayer for us to help find Helen 11months a home, and Tanner 3 yrs old on a 18month old level.  It doesn't cost anything to you to pray them a home.   Helen Got Adopted by a Russian Family. She is now at a Home not in A Hospital.  Prayer Works.

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