Friday, April 19, 2013

It really HAPPENED!

WE have a baby,  we have a little boy,  we have a walking breathing MIRACLE.  The Miracle God promised us over two and half years.  A miracle that almost didnt happen.  A miracle satan tried to take away many time.  But guess what God was bigger and when God opens a door NO man CAN SHUT that DOOR.  I 1st hand seen this.  Due to job funds and ect my husband could not go with me on this pick up trip.  But my son went to pick up what God has gave us.  As he calls his self today Chance Michael Deniska Meeka BooBoo.  These all the names he is called on a given day.  He loves his names and says them regularly.  I realize its been 2 months 1 week 3 days since we brought our little one home.  We are still in love and he is the Joy of our lives.  We went out on faith believing in a dream that God started.  Started out with zero dollars for something this big.  And God has provided and still in providing.

Tonight I wanted to just come and tell you how proud I am of Chance.  As I said and was driving today and listen to the squeals of happiness with his brothers in the back seat of the car I really began to reflect how brave Chance really was and had to be.  His middle name means strong one he had to be strong to do what he has done and go where he has had to go and to endure the things he has had to endore and to be OK and to be as happy as he is, to fit in as well as he has.  He has been home 9 weeks and 3 days but he has 3 homes already in that time.  And honestly has done very well with it.  He is an ADAPTABLE child and a STRONG one.  On the 19th of March our baby had a horrible thing happen to him.  I seen strength like I have never seen before.  We went to a routine doctor visit and I let them do an immunization 1st mistake.  But anyways he has severe reaction to this immunization which he was already sick the night before with small fever but the this spike his already low grade fever up causing sever seizures it was awful and scary all at the same time.  It ended us up in the hospital that night and I seen a little boy with numbing cream on his arm not even cry when blood was drawn.  I seen him be strong and endure that pain and uncomfortableness of the what i thought was a horrible situation.  I seen them trying to do an IV 3 different stick and I seen this strong child submit to the nursings will and do what they had to to get it done.  Oh I can say I am not that strong and MOM was flipping out.  I seen him Adapt to the situation.  I seen all this new life and how he has just rolled right into the American life.  I love to see him smile, and laugh with glee,  I love to see him explore,  I love him walk about in our shoes and think he has done something wonderful,  I love to see him love our beloved dog bruster,  I love to see him playing with his wonderful brother,  I love to see him raise his hands in church hollar AMEN when they get done praying or clap his hands with hollar with glee when everyone else is giving God the Glory, I love to see him fold his hand when he is eating any meal or a snack.  I LOVE I LOVE I LOVE I LOVE  my heart can not be more ful.

God knew what he was doing and this adoption was on his time frame and he did what he wanted with it.  We could of not moved to the right or the left even if we wanted to.  That door had to be opened and kept opened by the Lord who was ordering our steps.  There is so much of a story here and I dont have the time to share yet but I will I promise.


  1. I am so HAPPY for you! God BLESS your family!

    1. Thank so much Logistic for being so faithful in following this Long Journey. I want to one day go back and read the journey back over and just see how God directed us in each closed door and the opening of another. Blessings to you...

  2. ahhh this was awesome