Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Time to Wait Upon The LORD

Have you ever wanted to fix something and to know there is absolutely nothing you can do without the help of GOD...  That is where we are today..  We know that unless GOd moves in a BIG way our Child very well could not have a home here in a warm bed but in the far away Streets all the way across the world ... This thought makes me sick..  But there is where FAITH has to meet the rubber in the road..  IF we can do in on our own and we know its bigger than we are what do you do..  You do all you can do and wait upon the Lord.. Last Wednesday well actually later than that  3 weeks ago tomorrow we got the call..  The hosting program called and said orphanage #18 was shutting the host program down and the 3rd high up person refused to sign the Visa for the children in that orphanage to come and spend 4 weeks in America..  Our whole world just fell out.  Lord Lord what are you doing here was this a cruel joke why would he put this precious boy in our path if he wasnt going to bring him over here?  I just dont understand..  I cried, I prayed and in my living room floor I opened my Bible and sought the Lord you know he says seek and you will find ask and you shall receive. Well I found in on my floor with my Bible I opened it up and it fell open to Psalm 68:6 Do you know what that says?  God setteth the solitary (lonely) in families: and he bringth thos who are bound with chains....  My God cares He spoke to me..  He sets the lonely in families  I cried even harder.  As I have said in other post or notes through out this whole journey He keeps literally sending me to Gods word and giving me Hope to hold on to..  I prayed it was revealed to me that the host program was never the focal point it was just what brought us to find him..  IF it hadnt been for the hosting program we would of never found him.  God has told us to keep pursuing him through adoption so we are doing so..  This past Wednesday I was taking a week off to pray and seek God in direction waiting for the FBI clearance and ect.  and on Wednesday it had been a hard day I forget what was going on but I just went into my place and started praying and again God brought we to a word..  Luke 18:27 now i want to tell you I have quoted this verse a hundred time but I did not know where it was untill He brought it to me I just about fell over..  The things which are IMPOSSIBLE with men are Possible with God.  I never knew where it was.. Then saturday night i was talking to a good friend in Charlotte and we prayed and guess what she prayed that exact verse over us so I had to share with her about what God did for me that Wednesday and not only did he send me to Luke he sent me to Jeremiah and got another version of the verse too..  Two in one day God is not a God of sequences.   Then I go to church and guess what They are singing  All things Are possible.. I just had to stand up and share what the Lord has done and said to me that whole week the them of learning to trust HIm even when we in our humanness cant see this or how its going to all work out..  As i have said in the past I truely cant save the whole world that is what Jesus Christ did for EVERYOne that excepts HIM.. But we all can have a piece of the pie with helping to Save Cole from a life of distruction and early death.. most Children thrown on the streets dont make it past 23 years old is what I had red..  I cant imagine that is when Life is just getting started.
  I sat one day and just wondered about Cole mother.. She has died and his father is in prison we are told and all rights terminated.  As I thought about his mother I just wondered did she love him as we love our children over here?  Did she pray for him as I do for my children?  was she a christian?  Did she ever pray Oh God if something happens to me please find my child a family to care for him to love him to feed him to clothe him?  The idea come to me if she did then we would be a direct result of the power of a praying momma?  and that one day I would meet her in Heaven and he would know his momma was a christian and life on this earth is only temporarily and in Heaven he would yet see his momma again.  you see our Cole is delayed he is 15 but is more on the level of 10 to 12 year old this is normal for children that live in these extreme conditions.  I have a friend who has adopted 3 from the same orphanage in 07 and they was delayed now they are the top of there class in East Jackson High.. So these children do really thrive in a good loving environment.  I know I keep writing but we do so desperately need the prayers of the righteous because there prayers availeth much.  I want to be a part of a miracle that will last of eternity.  I dont want anyone or child to have to live a live of such in humane circumstances.. He deserves a home just like you and me and I am praying and believing God for it.  May your day be blessed and better tonight for taking the time to think upon these things.  God Bless.

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