Saturday, December 4, 2010

Its going to happen..

We are going for the goal..  Taking care of one of Gods Children..  To anyone who can or will..  We have a huge journey put before us.. I stand very humbled in my life that God has Chose Phillip and I to be Kolyas mom and Dad..That my God in heaven thinks we are good enough parents to parent one of His "Special" children.  We have a journey a head of us and praying for GOds guiding and provision all the way.. We know we in and of our selves cant do this.. BUt with the help of people we keep Kolya from going into the streets at age 16.  We are raising the funds to Adopt him.. I cant tell you how it is all going to work out all I can tell you is through a whole series of events we know with out a Shadow of a doubt GOd has Kolyas back and he is watching out for this little guy and HE is going to us Phillip, and I and Adam and Ryan to do this.  We thank you for your prayers and support please pass this blog to all you know and ask people to pray for us.  thank you and God bless we cant wait to meet our Boy.  Very soon.. Merry CHristmas.. Anne

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