Monday, February 28, 2011

Change the Changing of Seasons..

Randpom Thoughts

Oh God how can the pain of loving something so much and never even meeting this child who is looking at you threw the screen fill a family with so much compassion that words cant even touch the debt of the pain in our hearts of the future this child could face if HE doesn’t get A GOD SIZE MIRACLE. With those beautiful BIG brown eyes and a Bright face with so much Hope and anticipation of what Life Can be? I can only wonder how His mother was with him before she died? Did you rock him? Did she feed him good meals? Did she take care of him? But the most important question I ask my self did she pray over him? Did she pray for HIM? Did she know God? Did she know Jesus? Did she pray that if something ever happened to her that someone would take care of her child and love him the way she did? Do mommas think like that way in EASTERN Europe? These all questions I wonder in the grand scheme of the matter.. God sent us this little boys face on our computer.. As my husband and I have prayed and seeked God in this decision to adopt this boy for our family we have come to any church that will let us come and share our story and our pray is that God will get the glory for using ordinary people for some thing extra ordinary by doing what Gods word says.. Take care of my children.
A family that desperately needs your help.. We want to be together but cant do it with out the help of anyone who will let there heart be used for something they may not even understand.

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