Tuesday, March 1, 2011

See Miracles Do Happen!!!

Mrs. Petitt,
We are pleased to confirm that based on the information you have provided your I-600 petition has been filed with the EE Country DHS office.
Immigrant Visa Unit
God has done an amazing thing in our LIVES all the blood, sweat , and tears has paid off.  We are past the hurdle on the American side.  Now we wait for the EE side to come through. Thank you and God bless.
On behalf of my husband and I we want to personally take this time to thank you all so much so much for all your prayers and working through the trenches work to beat the clock of March 4th. Through all this hard work we make it by the ski...n of our teeth. When something is Gods will nothing can stop it my faith has been challenged and straightened at the same time. Know we are ready to go the next leg. The EE side of it.. I am so glad this day has finally come I know we have a lot more to go but at least we have the American side for now. What is impossible for man is POSSIBLE with God. Remember that. Love you all whether I know you or not your prayers made a difference, your legs made a difference in C.S.Petitt outcome. He still does not know about us so keep praying God prepare his heart.
Continue to pray for EE judges, councils, ministries anyone who has to do with decisions. Give them hearts towards the orphans, of coarse Cole in particular. Soften there hearts for a quick and speedy Adoption.
Feel free to forward to all that has been keeping up with our story.. 
We are not sure when he will be home a lot will depend on EE and when they are going to release him to even start the process things are supposed to go quicker with Irina the R****** Lawyer.Our prayer would be Sept to no later than Dec. But we will see. Gods timing. No ours. We are very excited we have found a problem with a christian organization in for teen boys called The Harbor that have a skill / trade training on Saturday that he will start attending this will be positive christian influences through them. We are ecstatic. I don't know if you know this but my last name is Zutaut I have family that live in Lithuania so .. My blood runs deep through these lands. This is a dream come true for us this is full circle for me. Would love to go and see my aunt and her family that lives over there someday in all this. Who knows. Keep praying thanks for all the well to dos. I am glad you are watching to see what God will do.

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