Monday, July 4, 2011

Heard the Heart of One Who is Believing in A Glimmer of HOPE

I just wanted  you to pray tonight and tomorrow and every night to give a Lonely boy the desire of his Heart.

 We received this today my heart is breaking that there is a  child anywhere especially the one we love that thinks no one cares for him and that he is so lonely.  He is waiting for some one to come.. I need you to Pray like you never have before.  We are supposed to find out tomorrow if we can proceed..  and as I have told you we have found out he has a brother that is 8. We are going after both. I cant ask you enough to pray as you was praying for one of you own.  Pray that he will find Jesus and that God places the Lonely in families that was one of the verses God gave me when we was seeking him about this if I am not mistaking its Psalm 68:6. the end of that verse set he set the prisoners free and gives them JOY.  God brought back to my mind that verse in Psalm 68:6 he sets the lonelies in families that was one of the 1st verses He gave me and that was what Cole said he was so lonely. That brokes my heart but also encouraged me that God is going to In Jesus Name give him his hearts desire to be in a family.
  I need you to pray that verse for him and his brother he was 3 when he lost his momma and his world feel apart I cant even imagine this.  I just want to cuddle those boys up and love them tell them about Jesus a God who loves them so much that he found them us..  He planted them in our laps with knowing what they needed.. I am very humbled that he would use us at all.  Thanks for your prayers.
 Hope this helps and gives you some hope as you read and pray for Cole.( signed a friend who seen and heard the heart of one who is believing in a glimmer of HOPE.)

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