Wednesday, July 20, 2011


This is a testimony of what happened to my Friend in the middle of No Where in the woods Hiking with their 5 children and  2 Ukrainian Host Children...This past Sunday.  Our God really does Care... We Serve a BIG GOD.
3 weeks ago on FACE BOOK:  Just a quick reminder of how BIG God is…we took all the kids hiking the 1000 Steps in Huntington…literally were we live is rural and in the woods of Huntingdon also very rural…well a young woman stopped and talked to the girls and I told her Olena is from Ukraine and doesn’t speak English..Well
The brother and sister that stopped to talk attend the Russian Speaking Church in State College and invited us all!!! Seriously, in the middle of the woods, on the side of a mountain, God has these two blessings from Ukraine with us, and allows a family from Ukraine to be there at the same moment!!! Love our God!!!
We are indeed blessed Anita, Jesus Christ has always ALWAYS proved to supply every need and orchestrate great things!!
SUNDAY July 17 when they went to that Russian church to visit!!!
How Big is God again? How Big is God!!!!! I shared how we were hiking on a mountain in the middle of the woods and a young lady and man stopped to ask the girls if they were okay as they were sitting down. I shared that Olena and Zhenya did not speak English, that we are hosting them from orphanages in Ukraine. It turned out that they were brother and sister and spoke Russian and invited us to the Russian Baptist Church….
Yesterday we visited the church and Olena is trying to tell us that she sees people she knows!! Turns out one of the Pastors and a few people from the congregation had been visiting her orphanage and ministering there!!! They had not been to her orphanage in 4 years!! One of the men she had recognized because she had always stayed so close by him I cannot tell you the emotions in all this.
I cannot tell you the emotions in all this. Here they are in their church and see a girl they ministered to halfway across the world years ago sitting right there!!
And she saw them, and she knew them. We cannot underestimate what our love means to these children … 4 years ago was the last time she saw them and she knew them!!!! And can I remind you that Olena had a different host family and came h…ere once her family was no longer hosting!!! Seriously, reflect for a moment…she was to be in NY but came to this little town, we were on the side of a mountain in the middle of the woods, met this brother and sister that invited us to their church, and at that church was the people that ministered to her when she was younger!!!! Come on!!! If she had gone to NY or if we had not been on the mountain at that time or if the girls had not sat down they probably would have just passed by, GOD IS BIG..if you haven’t believed before let’s talk.
Me- Anne my comment: when 1st seen it them God broke me…
Oh Chasity I am filled with awe in this God of yours. I want God to work in my life and my families life like this. Its says the more I seek Him the more I will find HIM i am seeking HIM more now that I ever have. God please reveal your …self to me and my husband and in our lives like this what an amazing story God is so good. Let me just let go and let God this is so inspirational. I wonder what God is going to do? Thank you for you and your husband for just trusting God and doing what he has called you to do and that is bring strangers in your home and take care of the orphans this is amazing. sweet friend.
Me – Anne: Since 11:39am I have been pouring my heart out to God in tears of brokenness and desire for God to move in our lives and reveal Himself to us too. I am believing him for a miracle in Cole’s and his brothers life that is in Eastern Europe and baby Sergio in Siberia, and Baby Emma (Xenia- dont know how to pronounce) who is in region 26 with retina cancer. Oh God I need you to move the barriers away and move the mountains and bring our children home in Jesus name. YOu love them more than I do and you have a plan in all this craziness. Thank you Chastity I love you with an everlasting Love and I am believing we serve the same God and He is the same Yesterday Tomorrow and Today.He will do as He has done for you in His way and His time and HIs plan. Trusting Him. Love you thank you for sharing my sweet friend.
SO I send you all this to say: Don’t ever under estimate a visit, time spent, words said, and delays those delays may be Gods greatest blessings. Be blessed have a good rest of the trip. Anne Petitt

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