Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I just had to shout to the whole world we have to Golden ticket.  The people who need to know about Cole know and they are going produce what we need that states we can indeed bring our son home.   Keep praying our MIRACLE IS GETTING CLOSER.  One step at a time literally. One day at a time. Our faith and excitement GROW.  Please help us make this a Reality.  Every penny counts to God and to us.

Ms. Pettit,

We’ve already sent you the form for the court letter which  states that we have your USCIS approval for international adoption on file and the Immigrant Visa will be issued for Cole upon receipt of all documents from xxxxxxx authorities. This is the standard letter for all regional courts, including xx xxxxxxxxxcourt. Please fill out the attached form and email it back to us that we’ll be able to produce such letter for your family. xxxxxxx judges require this letter to be an original with the original stamp, they do not accept fax or scan copy.

Immigrant Visa Unit
US Embassy xxxxxx


  1. Praying for your sweet family. May God shine and may ALL know that it is HIM who is at work here.

  2. So awesome!!! Praying for more miracle to get you closer to your miracle <3

  3. Thanks girl I need my Cheerleaders. WE submitted our dossier Friday to Agency. Praise God if we can get 5,900 we can get reviewed and approved and sent to country. We are taking it step by step after that we can get an invite which if we raised the next set of $$ we can go for the actually referral. Our boys are waiting and they dont even know we are coming.. Cole knows about us but he doesnt know forsure if we are coming.. WE are coming Cole hang on tight we are coming IN JESUS NAME we are coming. Dont give us on the Foreingers. WE are BELIEVING GOD. Thanks so much for your prayers... WE love them....