Monday, December 12, 2011

Could Use Prayers Today

Today is the BIG day. We will submit all paper work and send update home study to Immigration.  Unfortunately do not have a lot of time to post today  but we do need prayers we are trying to get all Documents apostillled and sent out to Agency so they can go out to Country this week Lord willing.  Have had some bumps since Friday.  Pray for smooth sailing today while we are in Atlanta.  Blessings  Pray I don't get lost, we have a major time frame leaving at 6:30am but have to go to Medical Board 1st then to Secretary of State by 10am to submit today.  Blessings to all.  I wanted to Add thank you to ALL who helped meet our 3000 dollar goal  with Life Songs for matching grant. We met our goal and was able to meet the next step of $5,900. Praising God for all of you and moving one step closer to meeting our precious boys.  We are beyond EXCITED and ready to bring them home. WE are STILL BELIEVING GOD FOR THIS HUGE MIRACLE.  ONLY HE CAN OPEN DOORS NO MAN CAN SHUT.


  1. Praising God with you for this huge step that He provided. Praying for you today. May God continue to lead the way and may everyone watch and see what He does. HE will get all the glory!!

  2. Thank you my faithful I may even have time to talk to you tomorrow Praise the LORD miss you thank you for praying.. I felt it cant wait to share. God has his hand on it that is for sure. Blessings Anne