Sunday, December 18, 2011

Not alot of time to POST... BUT HAVE TO SHOUT

     Our dossier left the United States Friday heading to our Counties City.   Should be there Wednesday maybe even tomorrow or Tuesday when we sent our stuff to Embassy it left Friday and got there on Monday. So it is possible.  We are Praising God and praying for a quick Request to come and get REFERRAL.  We are Believing for the MIRACLE, Miracle we need to get to Country and the Miracle we need to bring them back home after 2nd trip.   I am thrilled GOd has a plan and we are trusting him in it.  He who has begun a good work will COMPLETE it.
       WE are still praying for 3 TWIN size mattress and Frequent Flyer Miles Please PRay with us for these NEEDS.  WE really NEED a LARGER refrigerator and ours is broke we just use it anyways it leaks. We got ours 14 almost 15 years ago in Feb and it is very small.  It is crazy the things that come up as Needs when you get a Larger family. crazy things like more silverware, larger backing sheets ,larger casserole/baking dishes, pots and pans,more towels, blankets, sheets and that doesn't even include 2 wardrobes of clothing..  I just laugh, thrilled to have this problem what a wonderful growing larger problem.  Believing God for it all. I know my GOD will not leave one stone unturned and one NEED unmet.  Because God is God and He is Able. He cares about our ORPHANS that will Be orphans NO MORE IN JESUS NAME.
    Have a wonderful blessed filled night I just had to shout to you the News Pray.

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  1. So so happy to hear your good news! God is faithful!! Thank you for sharing. We just LOVE watching God work.

    Continuing to pray for your sweet family. Many blessings from Colorado!