Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I am just amazed what God is doing and what He is showing me and Speaking threw other wise Warriors these last two weeks.. I am telling we are getting ready for a break threw. You know God is speaking when someone who you have just met becomes a very good friend but doesnt know what you are struggling with or what you have went threw the last year and half and she text you a Word that was very specific for you situation and it hit right at the heart of the matter. she said so much but the very last thing she said is GOD WANTS YOU TO WANT HIM more than the Promise He is going to give you. Ouch folks I am just going to be real I love GOD I love Jesus so much. But I do want A baby so bad, I want our little Man so bad. But I know I Must keep my focus and devotedness on and TO God and even love my husband more than our precious baby that is coming. OUCH!!!! I want the double portion of thy spirit be upon me as Elisha said to Elijah. Elijah said you want the hard thing. Do you know what Elijah said to Elisha? You will get it if you see me when I am taken up you shall have it. Look away and you shall not....What in the world does that mean you might say. That is what Elijah said. In the mist of Elijah going up here comes the chariots and the horse that was fire. They even had sound. Now Elisha knew what he had to keep his eyes on Elijah if he was to get a double portion of Elijah's spirit. I could hear him now commanding him to keep his eyes on him, Keep my eyes on him Oh GOD please keep my eyes on on Him...Elijah... The time of travailing is done the TIME to WAIT, TRUST and BELIEVE is NOW. Please pray God will have Mercy on me and I will be able to do just that. God has given HIS word Now we just wait. Have to have eyes on HIM and want HIM MORE.

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