Thursday, May 17, 2012


WE are confirmed today more than ever God loves us and he is protecting my family against all Odds.  Even when we don't know what is best for us God still protects us cause He knows what the end result would be and could be.  I have become fully aware that we can truly pick our path and each path will lead to the right way or the wrong way.  Oh scarey is that.  Today I had a wake up call of just how much God loves me and He knows what is best for this family and just how much we have to trust Him even when we don't understand. That HIS intentions are for good and NOT BAD.  But if we don't trust him and we don't understand His ways we feel like He is cheating us out.  This thought come back to me about EVE in the garden she didnt trust God either with His ways or plans for her and her husband so she made a choice that changed her life and everyone else's for all eternity.  Oh God forgive me for thinking I know more than you, Oh God forgive me for not liking your choices many times or ways.  Oh God forgive me for mumbling even at times.  God I trust you and I am taking my hands off this whole situation and we put our feet on a rock and we stand for whatever you stand for and for the precious Chosen Child you have chose for us.. You gave a dream to my mother, you told her a "Perfect Match."  God we don't know what that means right now but whatever it we trust you. Lord I pray our child or children will be raised by You, for You and only You.  God I only want what You want in our lives. Take away what You DONT want, leave what You want, change the things You want to change and I will be happy for whatever you choose.  I am not in the drivers seat I have moved over and You are driving and we are just along for the ride. We want to serve you taking care of the children you Hand Pick out for us. Not any we choose for our self.  We want the ones that are GOD THINGS.  You know the one, the chosen ONE.  I love you Lord.  This is peaceful giving you my burdens why did I not do this  1 year 6 months ago?  This is wonderful..  God we are moving with You we trust You will provide in ways we cant even imagine. We thank you for all who have already helped, we thank you for the numbers moving slowly up, to us every bit counts since we had nothing to begin with.  God is faithful and we are on his train.  If you havent put your eggs in one basket I would like to challenge you to do it right now. Give your life, problems, hurts, habits, and hang ups, and doubt to Jesus stop trying to run your own life. There is nothing but long road with unnecessary heart ache involved.

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