Tuesday, July 3, 2012

As we are home from our 1st trip our Journey that has changed us FOREVER there is NO turning BACK. Our hearts were heavy now their EVEN more heavy. Our heart has been Left in a far away place not knowing when we will get to go back and see our baby again.   We will never be the same after this trip.  Things will never mean what they mean to so many. We have a purpose and that is bringing sweet Love CHANCE home.   Our little boy is worth fighting for if that means staying at home from now untill dooms day to save the $$ on what would go for gas so be it, or not buying a coffee out or clothes or anything else.  So be it. I just want our baby HOME.   I love sacrifice because I know what I am going to get. I am going to get the cutest sweetest little bundle of JOY I have ever known in a far away country.  God will make a way threw.  I count it all joy to be able to Love such a sweet wonderful little boy... Oh I I wish I could just share all the pictures we have of him. Your heart would melt too.  He has those beautiful coal like eyes, that beautiful browny hair with a tinge of aulburn in the sun, that beautiful olive skin, and just perfect little teeny tiny hands, Oh be still my heart Lord.  My days are long preparing and getting ready for this sweet one to come home.  This is truly where the Rubber meets the road.  Do I trust Him?  Do I believe He who has begun a good work will complete till the end of time?  Yes I will.  We ask all to pray for our little fellow there is much issues between the US and Our country that could really be hard on these little guys and we have to just keep praying our country will have mercy on the children and Love them and look out for the best interest of the children and not let Politics come inbetween the lives of these precious children and there forever homes.  We are so in Love with our little fella.  It was immediate Love at 1st sight.  Let me tell you about his special name.  Chance means Lord of Judgement/  Michael in Hebrew means: Micha -who is like... means El -is God
I was pretty amazed the meaning when a Hebrew friend told me the meaning of this middle name.  My husband picked the middle name out.  I felt like I needed to ask him if God had given him a middle name and he said right off Michael and again when was asked in country so that it is Chance Michael  we are so humbled by the very little boy that our God has brought us. I would take him over a  new car any day, I would take him over any house any day,  He is way better than anything that this world can offer me.  As for me and my self and  I will serve the Lord. No matter what satan  brings my way.  Where there is a will there is  way.  God has our back and I am just believing God is bigger than our need.  I will count it all JOY threw these troubles and tribulations this is the testing of my FAITH.  GOD I pray I will come threw this WITH JESUS on my side.
This is the last leg of our Journey.  As some of you might of known me on Facebook I have shut it down all of them.  I really need to put my self and family in a safe place right now with Jesus.  I have to keep my eyes on the things that are above and not below.  If people really want to get ahold of me they will just need to do it the old way call or email.  I will not be facebooking it anymore.  God will have to find other means of getting the word out for us if he chooses to do so.  I am taking my hands off that ideal spirit and expectations.  I need to just focus on what we need to accomplish and keep taking it one step at a time.  No distractions and hinderances and hurts, habits and hang ups. I am set free  God is my All IN All. I seem to remember a perfect example of a man in the BIBLE that God told him to get rid of his whole army practically.  Wained it down to 300 men I think was the number.  Whoa Praise the Lord for what God can do when you just take your hand off the plow and Let God go to work. When we cant, HE CAN.  That is my prayer and Hope and believe GOD CAN when I cant.  Blessings to all and GOOD NIght.

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