Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Swimming Under The Mass of PAPER Work

I have to be honest I have not had time to update I am swimming under the mass of paper work for Loans, Grants home study redone for 3rd time, doctor appointments, fingerprints, FBI clearances again for the  2nd time apostilling.   Welcome to the world of  adoption.  As I have said before it is not for the faint hearted.  I praise God we are fixing to go to court!  I praise God for Pathways to Little Feet for giving us 7,500 interest free loan.  Praise God.  Now we only need $7,000 more to reach the 17,250 for court DATE. Then we will only need roughly 16,000 to complete and I know we serve a Mighty God. Praise  GOD we are so  much closer than we was a year and half ago. We are more than half way there and I thank you to every single person that dug deep whether big or small in Gods eyes it all counts and He has did the rest.  Our precious One will be coming home because of you ones that helped.  We are learning new things and seeing alot great  things.  Isaiah 58- 62 Has encouraged me beyond words this week.  Keep praying for Gods will in our situation and Keep praying for hedges around around little guy.  

I have thought about debt alot this month. I have come to the conclusion I hate debt.  But if I had to go into debt I would much rather go in to debt over someONE than something.  We have gone all the way there is NO turning back.  We are so in LOVE with our little guy and guess what we will do it again and we would do it agian.  When you go over and see all those precious lives that need homes need momma and daddys things just seem very pale in comparison. I can live on bare minimum to walk with Jesus to bring our babies, children home. there is so many everywhere take you pick what country I am sure you can find one to love.  I am drawn to one of our new friends she just brought 5 home from Bulgaria her littles one is 5 and still fits in a baby carrier, another friend just brought her 12 year old that weighs 12 pounds, yes these facts are right, my spit fire 2 year old that weighs 14 lbs is on the heavy side compared to these other numbers.  They are all precious to him who know is Sin I know, we know we can not turn out back now EVER.. We know to much have seen too much and we gladly go a support Gods children.  Here I am use me LORD.. Please use me to take care of the ones with no voice.  I cant tell you when I will be able to update let me know you stopped by anyways.  Keep praying for court date and mighty provisions.

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