Friday, August 10, 2012


Advocate what does this Word mean?  God why did you give 2 totally different people from totally different places this Word?  And for the same Boy?  Then to have these two families meet in a really bizarre way?  What did you want us to do with this word on an individual level if anything at all?   God I feel like Mary and Joseph we are the unlikely couple to complete the task you have set us on.  We are defying everything that seems not humanly possible.  The story was Big already and in June it got even Bigger.  We have rose up to the calling.  Lord we have plunged in Head 1st not looking at everything around us just trying to take one step at a time.  Threw fear anxiety and working threw this to come to the place of Peace and trust.  I do trust you Lord I don’t know how you are going to do this but I do trust you.  I just want to know more about this Advocate word. So much has come to pass in this year’s time; lives have been flipped upside down.  But we still are moving forward to the march of the beat Lord.  I need to know Lord the purpose in this Word and if there is more to this word advocate that we need to be doing.  Lord stop the busyness stop the chaos just stop time and talk to us about Advocacy.  I don’t want to go threw all this and miss this word and what it was to mean to us as individuals?   Purpose 
 Lord only place the people who love you and know you to minister and take care of Chance and Hope.. Protect there ears for God haters or rebellious people. God I need wisdom in what you want us to do from this day forth.  I need to hear the voice of God.  IN Jesus Name

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