Saturday, January 1, 2011

Mad Rush for finishing all that we can.. Before Jan 29th latest Feb 5,2011

God has been amazing that is all I can say..  We have had opposition after opposition with this Journey crazy things.  For starters he was supposed to come for Christmas well orphanage canceled.  Then we had to seek GOd on:  OK Lord what now and he clearly drew out a plan for us and Gave us the way to walk so we are walking in that path with each road block we go through he takes care of it amazingly fast.  I know it has been GOd and his favor with people and man that has allowed it to all work out.  All my legal documents where different the only one that wasnt different was License and Marriage Certificate and that was really saved me with the Passport group.  My name was spelled wrong on it and I didn't even notice in 2005 it wasn't an issue.  But for this adoption it was the end of the world with EE your Passport and Marriage Certificate has to match.  no if and or buts. So thank God for our Charles who works for Johnny Issackson's office he was wonderful he was right on it got a hold of Passport people they called me Monday at 7:30 am after Christmas to tell me it was enroute to the main people to get fixed and they didn't charge me extra praise GOd and gave me a beautiful new Passport I think its a VIP one it is totally different from the cheap one I had you would believe this thing it has pictures in it colored ones at that real cardboard for the book.  AMAZING and an updated expiration date.   It was at my house Thursday when my family and I got home from camping for almost a week.   along with the I600A which the immigration side of it saying they are waiting and ready for Done HOME STUDY which we got today..  Everything is coming along now.  That is just a few of the things that have arrised..  It really excites me cause hot ground is HOLY GROUND you know.  and IF Satan wasnt worried than it would not be a BIG deal.  All of our clearances are done  except for the CIS Immigration that is the BIG one and they are waiting for the completed Homestudy which will be sending out Monday Morning.  And Charles will catch them when it gets there and get us in ASAP for fingerprinting.   I honestly dont know all the stuff we have to do for this step I just know we have completed all of what we had to do in record timing.  We started with nothing the 3rd week of Nov and we are at 1st of Jan with only one step left to do and that is this I think.. I dont think the Dossier(EE Home Study) is yet not sure though.
We are starting our gauge over to show what we are getting and have to go towards actual adoption cost now.  The other amount was working towards Home Study.  It is paid in full. We are very thankful to all who helped make this possible.  Thanks you and may God keep blessing you for blessing us.

We know we in and of ourselves cant do this and we are believing GOD for a GOD size Miracle.  We thanks you all who believe God can and will do this and has helped in making this a reality for Cole..  We are  attaching our support letter to this for all to read and share please pass around to all you know who loves to do GODS work..  His payment and rewards are ETERNAL.  God BLess and Happy New Year please pray for our family we need your prayers so bad..... The warfare has kicked up..  We are praying harder and standing strong and steadfast:  Greater is He that is in (us) than he that in the World. Love you all...

     I would like to share with you the journey my family has embarked on.  It is the most important venture we have ever taken part in.  It is A Journey To Save A Life.  Our hopes are, that once you hear about Cole, you will want to be a part of this journey as well.  For it is Cole's life we are in a race to save. .
      First, let me introduce our family.
Phillip Petitt:  Supervisor remodeling Wal-Mart and Kroger and state jobs, Anne Petitt 39 –Stay at Home mom and teacher for home schooling,  Adam Petitt 12- Loves soccer, acting, reciting anything and everything loves reading, Adam wants to be a pilot and fly for the the Blue Angels, he loves languages and learns them easily, we are all currently learning Russian,  Ryan 9- loves to build any and everything, loves studying about Wars loves World War II, anything military, he is an Artist loves to paint, draw, and create.  Both boys are learning to play piano and is very talented in music.  One day it would be nice to have a family Christian  band like the Gaithers.  Heehee. 
     My family has known God's calling to care for orphans is at the very center of the Gospel for some time.  Throughout this time, doors have opened and closed.  As we have walked through each opened door, October 21, 2010, an opened door led to Cole.  After being introduced to Cole's gentle, smiling face, I spent the entire night praying for him, never sleeping, never ceasing, just calling out to God on behalf of this boy. Thru much prayer and wisdom and seeking direction we have been confirmed without a shadow of a doubt that Cole will be our son in his new forever home.    And so the
Journey began.
     Allow me to introduce you to Cole,
we have sent you a family picture as you can see with Cole in the middle of it.. Please put on your refrigerator as a reminder to think about us during this time and pray.  Cole is a 15 year old orphan from EE.  In Eastern Europe including Latvia and Ukraine,  orphans are forced a lot of times out of the orphanages at 16 years old.  No arrangements or preparations are made for these children, they simply must go to make room for the younger children.  Many will go to the sewers to live as there is some warmth there.  6 out of 10 girls will be forced into prostitution, 7 out of 10 boys will turn to a life of drugs or crime to survive.  Just 2 out of 5 of these children will live beyond the age of 23.  Many will commit suicide.  We can easily agree that a two in five chance to survive does not hold much promise when you are the child hoping to be one of those two.  Kolya is unfortunately in these statistics.  Hoping to be one of the two who will survive.
     This is where you can join us on the
Journey To Save A Life, to save Cole's life.  Our family must raise $25,000 towards Cole's adoption cost.  To date we have raised $5,600We realize that this amount is great.  We assure you Cole's life is of greater value.  He just needs a chance, someone to believe in him, a family.  We want to be that family and trust we are meant to be.
     Would you please consider becoming a sponsor for Cole's adoption?  Cole will turn 16 on
March 9, 2011 we have to have all papers at US Embassy in EE Country 30 days before he turns 16 in order to adopt him and claim him Everyday he waits without hope, he takes another step closer to becoming another statistic for Russia's orphans.  Time is running out; please join us in this Journey.
     All donations are tax deductible and will get receipt for taxes.  You can make checks out to Community Church.  In Memo write “Mission A”
     Send checks in the envelope provided or to:  125 Ridgeway Terrace Maysville, GA 30558.
We have a blog you are more than welcome to follow our Journey as we walk along this way.

                                              Sincerely In Christ,
                                                            Phillip, Anne, Adam, & Ryan and Cole Shephard
P.S.  Have wonderful Merry Christmas this year.. Sending lots of love and cheer.
Also we are looking for Frequent flyer miles we have to go to EE 3 times in the coarse of the adoption and Priority points for hotel accommodations.  If you know anyone who has some and wants to donate them or has connections in Europe that would be a blessing.  Thanks, The Petitts

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