Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Now all we can do is wait and Trust the Lord.

We have all our stuff in and have did all that was on the list we just sent our last clearance documents in yesterday to the CIS which is the Immigration Department. All the Grants we have found don't come out till March ,June and Dec so what we need now will be from whatever and whoever the Lord lays on there hearts to give.  Cole's LIFE lies in the fate of GOD.  This is an interesting place to be totally dependent  really its the only place to be because GOD is always in control even when we think we are.  Its a very humbling place to be to know there is nothing Phillip and I can do except wait and expect God to show up and show out he is always on time.  As always keep praying and letting people know this situation  you never know who God may put in your path.  Believe the impossible with us.  God Bless you this year in your walk with the LOrd may your faith be strengthened too.  The best place to be on your knees crying out to the Lord.

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