Monday, January 10, 2011

The need is Great but the reward will be awesome.. A Son sent by the Father ABOVE.

Our name is the Petitts and in the middle of our picture is Cole from Eastern Europe;  We have to go to EE to petition for him before he turns 16 March 9. We need a God Size Miracle to make this possible for Cole.  He has an exuberant joy about him.  In midst of what his life has brought him, he still has Joy and Hope.  Won't you please pray for us in the Journey we are taking in bringing our Boy Home to have a family that will love him, tuck him at night, care for him, clothe him and feed him?  But more importantly than all these he will get to know the God who has sent us to him to begin with.  A GOD WHO CARES FOR THE ORPHANS…  We covet your prayers and advise and even consideration of giving to us in this endeavor.

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