Sunday, October 9, 2011

Major News There Is Not Just One of Cole* there is a Brother!!!

Hello Bloggie friends, Facebook friends it has been along time since I have written but I can tell you the excitement and the activity has been going on behind the scenes, that is for sure with our “Adventure” in this Quest for Adoption we have recently found out he has Brother that is 8.  This JOURNEY has been like a really suspenseful movie/ dream.  Asking OK Lord what next?  We have prayed and prayed and prayed some more and we feel like the Lord has said keep moving on till no more doors open so we are walking this FaithLine out.  By God’s Grace we have been given a large amount of money to keep walking till we can not walk anymore.   We can start getting dossier together on own, we can get stuff apostilled, go to Europe.  We just found out we have to redo all of our Home Study has to be redo all Security Clearance, FBI. Since we have been working on this since November of last year.  But we ARE BELIEVING GOD IS ABLE TO GET US AN APPOINTMENT. GOD CAN DO ANYTHING. We will be covered financially for this leg of Journey however God leads.  This is A HUGE blessing more than you can ever imagine.  Thank you personally to the Family that believes in Ko***+ brother.  The life that God has in store for him and now his brother.  They are not going to give up and we are not either.  This whole Journey is bigger than Us.
Just Prayer Request: 
  1. Please pray:  We GET a meeting that we Need Desperately with a Very important person that has the power to open or close the door in this case. We need this appointment.  PRAY FOR IT.
We are the only ones internationally that can adopt Ko*** now.  He is 16 therefore no one can adopt him except us because we got his paper work in before he turned 16 by the skin of our teeth and the Grace of God.

  1. Pray:   For our  Dream:  Pray everything completed and have them Adopted by Dec 31st,2011Don’t know if this has been done before but there is ALWAYS 1st with God.  We BELIEVE God this MIRACLE  He opens and closes the doors.  I choose to believe the IMPOSSIBLE. That’s what makes it so much more interesting.  Found out we can submit Dossier by hand but have to have Agency to do this pray we can find the one that God has hand picked.  We have been pursuing since Nov 2010 but got official paper work in March 2, 2010.
As we have said from the get go HE -Jehovah was going to have to do it.  We have not the ability to do anything BUT God does.  We have the heart that LOVES and runs deep for these boys that in our hearts they are ours already.   He has gotten us this far which is amazing all the contacts, met timelines, resources, funds, and paper work.  Non of which has been us it has been the Lord and connections and Gods Grace.  CONNECT CONNECT is what God has done in this time.  If I had a map and could put a dot on all the people God has lead us to it would be amazing.   Like Connect the Dots.

  1. Pray:  An Agency. 
We had found one at the Summit and they did a lot of leg work but in the end decided it was more work than they felt like they wanted to do.  I respect them most adoptions are less involved than ours.  We have a lot of details and background. SO if you can PRAY for The AGENCY of Gods CHOOSING we are open for anyone.

  1. Pray:  Grants when things start moving God will open the flood gates and provide the money quick.   We have only 18months from the time we got our stuff into from Immigration which we FEB 2011 before our stuff expires. Our home study and FBI stuff has to be redone it expired Dec 31st. But praise God that will be covered by donation given.  So we are again on a time restraint. 
  We thank you for your time and prayers and I will keep you posted as things move forward. We love you guys and value your prayers.  Help save a LIVES 2 very special ones PRAY.
The Petitts as always blog become a follow and watch this Journey unfold according to GOD’s will be done in Jesus Name.
"May the God of HOPE fill you with all the JOY and PEACE as you TRUST  in HIM."
Romans 15:13

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