Tuesday, March 20, 2012

GOD Is Always On TIME!!!!

Do you ever get weak?  Do you ever get Weary. Well let me tell you Sunday was one of those days.  That morning I was just tired and I just started praising and Praying. We as a family are doing wonderful had a wonderful day Saturday fishing at a wonderful camping area a picnic lunch. It was awesome.  Sunday was a great day to but in my spirit I just felt the miss of missing what you know should be at your house and in your home and knowing that they are missed and desiring to be closer to them some how.  So that morning I just stayed in bed a little extra and prayed and asked God to give me a little extra Hope.  Well I cant go into detail but God did exceedantly and abundantly more than what I could ever Ask, Hope or Dream and I am walking on clouds knowing my God cares for me and He met me right where I was that moment in time and He has given me the desire of my heart.  I am thrilled and its enough Hope to get me threw the next moment in time. Please do not stop praying.  We need 3 things to happen a Referral 1st and for most, then we need a court date, then we have to wait the 30 days to be able to start our new life with 5 or 6 heads total which ever God decides.  Please intercede for us and Gods children that need a mommy and Daddy.  We are willing, we are able,  we are ready, send US.  Make our Path straight.  Move those Mountains lead us through still waters.

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  1. Praying for your sweet family. For strength, for provision and for God to move mountains so that ALL will know that it is Him who puts families together.

    We love you guys....
    Lorrie and family