Thursday, March 22, 2012


A womb that is barren is never fulfilled...  Until God fills the arms of one that is barren.  As a women I know what God created us to be and do.  WOMB-Men.  Seriously.  God created us to be care takers, to serve, to help, to love, to nurture,  and I dont think God meant animals. Serious I see according to Gods Word it means babies, you, children, and people. Dogs and animals are nice but seriously this day and age people treat their animals like babies.  I am guilty as I have went threw these 10 years of barrenness 4 to 5 of them I too have had 5 dogs 3 cats and two sets of puppies. So I to am guilty.  But what I found when  they grew up and grew Not new anymore I was done with them. and I would find homes for them.  Tonight I realized a newness of a baby, the velveteenness of a babies new born head, those small feet,  chunky money of hands,belly, the fun of a growing baby into a toddler and all the cute things they do NEVER NEVER gets OLD.  Even the hard times of rearing I find my self longing to go back into having those times with another one and another one... I have Decision. Psalm 5: 3-6 We didnt even consult Him.  My heart bleeds these years since we have had a Reversal and NO babies have come about.  But you know what I have found out after no matter how God gives you baby, child, he gives you that love, that "Agape" Love for another human being regardless of how it comes.  Adoption is a hard, plan and simple regardless of where you are adopting.  It is Hard. I have found out it is Not for the faint hearted.  You have to have determination, you have to be ready when all hell breaks loose cause it can, you have to be ready for the unexpected, you have to be ready to keep walking even when you are getting opposition from all sides and TRUST GOD to work all that out, you have to be determined no matter how bad it hurts that people are not happy for you at the time, that people dont understand, that this is not popular, people dont accept it, and sometimes churches and even good christian people.  You have to know whom has called you to this Journey and you have to know for whom you serve. You serve a MIGHTY GOD , and SAVOIR JESUS CHRIST.  That is who you serve not man so women and men and families I want to encourage you to Live like there is No tomorrow, For this world is very SHort,  the next is VERY VERY Long, So live for what WILL Last FOR ETERNITY.  Make your LIFE Count.  Live for the one who HOlds your hands who can make all your dreams come true according to His Will.  If you take a Chance and Trust HIM in it.  There is a verse in the Bible that says the Barren will have more children than she can imagine.  I heard of a Precious family who have been Barren for many many years she has 18 adopted children and just had her 1st biological child and she just adopted another child.  Who is to say you are not missing out on your calling, God may truly want you to adopt before he gives you the desires of your heart.  How many people have put God in a box and wants to live nice and safe with there own family and has missed out on the real joy of life by just losing to own life to Love another and gaining their life back in taking care of Gods children?  Just a thought tonight. I am not God but the pain of being barren has showed us its Not about us and we have chose to let God fill our home however way he sees fit. I dont know if we would of ever adopted if we had been able to have babies naturally but for this I am glad as painful as it is because I am getting children who dont have mommy's and daddy's to come love them. We are literally saving a lives.  Foster care in America is great, Adoption in America is great you, Can changed a life forever. Adoption from International Countries you are literally SAVING A LIFE.  A lot of these children who don't get adopted at certain ages get put in Invalid Homes never to see the light of Day. And if they make it past that at age 16 in many countries they must leave the orphanages with no place to go.  They live in the sewers, under bridges, a life I would not desire for my worst enemy living.   It doesnt matter where these babies, children, boys , girls come from they are still a child of God and I can still be there mommas and love them just the same.  Lord fill my vast over flowing.  With Kolya, Lords will be done, Chance and my precious Jordy whom I have not forgot.  I am praying him a home or someone to adopt him.  He is very far away even farther away than Kolya and Chance.  But I will not in Jesus Name let him go into an institution just because he has an auto immune disease and he is not in perfect health. He is healed by Jesus Blood and I claim complete newness of his body.  Please come together and help me find Jordy a home or that God will provide to bring them all home.  I cant put a price on a soul.  To me they are priceless.  We are to be Jesus Hands and Feet.  Our Resources are NOT Ours.  I go back to the book of Acts whoa they gave to those who needed not only in Money but in resources.  We as the Body of Christ can come together and take Care of Jesus Business by Helping one another to Change Childrens LIVES who desperately need a home, A family.  Every Penny counts to Jesus, you give what you Can and Let Jesus Do the Rest. He looks upon the Heart not the out side.  Lord pour New Wine Skins on to every person that reads these pages and impress on them to help in some way. Our time is closer and we want to bring out baby home and Lord willing older son IF GOD opens those doors back up for Kolya. We have a Lifesongs sidebar to collect the funds for our Adoption and it is tax deductible.  Get on Gods Boat and see where he will take you. You may enjoy it.

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