Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Praise God for Glimmer of Hope...

As you can see from the Title...  We are seeing a dim light at the end of the tunnel.  A year and half battle (Oct 2010) and Journey coming to an END we pray.   We got encouraging news.  In our country which has been closed since at least some time in February.  But today we got word court is back open and people are getting court dates...  What does that mean?  It means hopefully they will start giving travel dates for Referrals.  Which this is when we would go to Country and get to meet our little guy and accept him officially in the eyes of the government.  Oh What A Day of REJOICING that WILL BE...Today I am not going to be wordy. We just ask for Prayer..  For the Committee,  and Judges and even the orphanages and our agency...  For Favor with these judges and Committee that they will see our hearts and desire to adopt their children in their country.  I know God can turn the hearts of the kings in whatsoever direction He chooses.  Thy Will be done on Earth As Is in Heaven.  Let it be so in Jesus Name.We still Need a miracle only God can do.  We are willing but GOD has to do the rest.    Nothing has changed, the door for Cole is still closed.  But God has the chosen that  for special one for us,  and threw out this we have prayed not our will but your will be done in JESUS NAME we are praising God for him and Praying GODS will FOR COLE.  Our hearts are breaking but Trusting the LORD.   So we pray!!!    Blessings

I want to put a plug in for our Agency they are AWESOME.  New Hope For Children out of New Hamsphire has been awesome threw this.  I have not complaints whatsoever. I would use them again.  They have went above and beyond the call of Duty.  I know they will see us threw to the finishing day of this Adoption.  I give God all the Glory for finding them because He lead us back to them.


  1. Well my sweet far away friend please dont STOP praying.. We cant imagine what spiritually our prayers do for these children. He looks just like our son too. Amazing the resemblance of the two. That is why we fell in love with him to begin with. There is many waiting to see The REST of the STory I know I am. Everyday is a day of expectation in our house hold waiting for the call or email telling us that its time and we can get ready to go threw the door that is open now for our little one. God has worked it all out we can adopt him if something changes with his brother or other resistance. God bless Anne Blessings Anne

  2. Jesus is the reason. Without Jesus we have nothing. No one can go to the Father without Jesus. Jesus is the one who died, and rose in 3 days so that we may have life Eternally when we die. We can be separated now on on this earth but in Heaven we will be reunited again if He accepts Jesus as his personal savor. My faith is in the Lord not in Man and I will trust Him in this situation. I fear God not man. Blessings to ALL that Reads. If you dont know my Jesus and My God I pray you will meet him thru this blog. I will not run in fear. WOTL, Anne (waiting on the LORD)

  3. What happened to my comments? Why were they deleted?

    1. I didnt have your email so I wrote a lot so for the sake of confidentially I just deleted the ones that had so much information on my part I explained that on note. Sorry feel free to email me anytime would love to talk to you... Thank you for asking and noticing.. I love it that you read my blog and are praying for us. Thank you. Do Let me know if you got it. Thank you for being so faithful and following our story we are excited we leave very soon my friend. It is happening and we could not be happier.