Monday, September 17, 2012

We have been home 12 weeks Sunday.  I can tell this has been the longest 12 weeks of my life.  My days have been very long preparing Documents for Court and working to get them right.  Today Sept 17, 2012 all the documents are on there way to Country.
I wanted to introduce our unfaced little guy we are not allowed to show exposed face shots till after Court.  But I wanted to give you vailed view of our little man. This is an exciting time Readers.  I wanted to give you the Chance to see our precious Little Chance. I am glad to ANNOUNCE OUR PAPERS ARE GOING TO COUNTRY TODAY.  EVERYTHING HAS BEEN ACCEPTED TO GET TRANSLATED.  THIS PROCESS CAN TAKE UP TO TWO WEEKS.  Then our Agency presents to Judge and she reviews and says if we have everything we need.  If we do than we can get a court date.  I like it this way with preview.  More later when I know more for now just pray Quick court day and the rest of the Provision needs and grant to get awarded.  We have two loans that have to be payed back.  The Grants would help tremdously. We are so close but yet so far away.  God open the hearts of your people to see the awesome of Adoption and how we all have been ADOPTED BY YOU Lord.  This story is unfolding it just taking awhile.  Patience is a virtue.  Pray I get it. 

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