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 Thursday, September 27, 2012

He is NOT a Deadbeat Dad {Part 1}

Over the years I have had literally hundreds of emails from families who want to adopt, but find themselves worried, fearful and immobilized by the financial end of it all.

Friends, listen up!

In the last 28+ years {since we began adopting}, we have NOT met one person/couple/family who found a treasure, began that treasure's adoption yet had to bring it to a halt because they couldn't provide the resources to bring that treasure home.  We've not met ONE.

However, on the other hand, in the same 28+ years, I think I can remember two people who had the full amount for an adoption in hand before they began their adoption and each of them had received an inheritance and used their inheritance to bring a treasure home.  What an inheritance they received, right?  Worth far more than any monetary value!

That being said, let's figure this whole thing out.

How can we possibly pay for an adoption when there is no "left over" at the end of the month?

Here's some thoughts on it all...

Our lives are not our own.

We were put on this earth to love God and serve others.

In fact we show our love for Him by serving others.


God's word tells us in James 1:27 that "Pure religion is to care for the orphan and widow."

Friends that's all it says.  It does not say, "Pure religion is to be a pastor, be a Bible study leader, be a worship leader or be a women's ministry director...." Nope.  Not one of those.  It says "care for the orphan and widow."

So if caring for the orphan and widow is so close to Almighty God's heart {closer than being a pastor, Bible study teacher, worship leader, women's ministry director...}, do you really think He would tell us to care for the orphan and widow and not provide for us to do so?

Come on!

Picture this:

I gather my big kids and I say, "I want you to take all the little ones to the park today."
And suppose my big kids said, "Ummm, okay, but mom, the car is empty.  It won't even move.   It's been sitting in the same spot, bone dry for months - completely out of gas and Mom, you know we live miles and miles from the nearest gas station."

Now can you imagine Dw and I saying, "We know it's out of gas.  We know we live a long ways from the gas station.  Now take the kids to the park.  Figure out how to get gas in the car yourself."

Seriously?  What loving, caring parent would do that?

On that note:

Would the God who loves the orphan more than we could ever imagine, ask us to care for them and then not provide the resources to do it??

Not a chance!

He is the faithful provider!

He is 'father to the fatherless'.

He IS the orphan's father


He is definitely NOT a deadbeat dad.

Can you seriously imagine the God of the Universe, the maker of Heaven and Earth, dangling a little treasure {or cluster of treasures} before our eyes and sneering:  "This is what I want for you, but you're gonna' have to figure it out yourself?"


He is the loving Father who adores the orphan.  But He doesn't just leave it there.  He adores you too!  In fact He has you on His mind at this exact moment as you read this.  He has YOUR best in store for you.  {Yes, even in the darkest valley, He is STILL working behind the scenes on your behalf.}

He doesn't stir our hearts for the orphan and then dump us on our head!

He stirs our hearts for the orphan so that we can have His best.

Think about this:

His heart is for the orphan...and when we purpose in our hearts to care for the most precious of His treasures, then our hearts line up with His heart and He provides every single penny we need.  

There are no exceptions to that!

The God of the Universe loves the orphan, loves you 
No, He is definitely NOT a Deadbeat Dad!  

{But how does He do it?  Part 2 Tomorrow}

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