Monday, October 22, 2012

From Barren to Fruitfulness A Dream Coming True ~

Thank you for Adeye with  for allowing us to be featured on her BLOG. Thank you for coming from Adeyes Blog again. Some of you have been here before. Welcome back. WE are almost are done.  Praise God.

Want a "Chance" at  Kindle Fire !!!
Graciously Donated by
Hansina Mickschl

Let me introduce to you our spunky little Man.  I wish I could show his beautiful face due to countries Privacy Rules we cant.  His name is Chance "which means Lord of Judgement",  His middle will be Michael in Hebrew it means Strong One. In deed this little one has had to be strong with heart surgery at 15 months, bacterial meningitis, severe cross eye, along varies delays, and not being bigger than a mite.  We are most ready to bring our little guy home. A Little Makes A Lot.

Those little pants are 12 months Carter Pants  and we had serious issue keep them up that day...We love our Little MONKEY!!!

Read the rest of the Story how GOD Has Hand Picked him for us in our LONG Two year JOURNEY TODAY!!   From a Last CHANCE Child and his BROTHER to our Precious Baby whom we met
17 weeks ago.

Will be adding a couple more things to our BLOG for our GIVEAWAY.  LENOX VASE, Beautiful SHEET RUG by Sarah Bowers, Local for BODY MAssages by Sarah Bowers,
1 $15.00  I-TUNE Cards  and so much more to COME..
Stay tune and Thank you so much for your Donations.


For as little as 5.00 you get A Chance. 
3 chances for 10.00
10 chances for 25.00
30 chances for 50.00
80 chances for 100.00
 Share and you can earn a chance even if you cant donate....on facebook, twitter ,via email with link, anyway you can get the Word out.
Leave a Message at what you donated or if you shared so you can be entered for the drawing.

Thanks that is one step closer we will be to bringing Chance HOME.
The Chip in is for Visual people who likes so see the NUMBERS GROW.  Its not tax Deductible.

The Lifesong for Orphans PayPal link is TAX DeDUCTIBLE!!!!!
 Will change numbers the Vine every Friday.  I get those numbers from Lifesongs.
We will be using the online computer drawer the names....


  1. Hi Anne! I used the LifeSong for Orphans paypal link... and I also shared on twitter (@shellebo29). Praying your kiddos home (=

  2. Thank you for letting me know. May you be blessed generously for your help in bring our baby(ies} if God lets us bring them both home. Blessings Anne

  3. chipped in $5.

    bring that sweet baby home!!!!!!!!

  4. Donated $50! I hope your fundraising efforts are abundantly blessed!!

  5. Thank you so much. Forever grateful and praying blessings right back at you.Our Prayer is the bigger the pot gets the more we can add to the give away. PRAYing to get pictures up tomorrow. Thank you so much.

  6. Sent you an email but just reread and thought maybe I should leave a note here as well. Just donated to your chippin in ($50). God bless you in your adoption journey!

  7. Chipped in $50...wish it was more. Blessings to your family.

  8. Thank you ladies so much. Computer crashed last night so can't get pictures other stuff up. But thank you donating and having a heart to help us bring our precious baby home and if God provides the other one we have fallen in love with. We call her Hope Rosemary. I pray if we can't bring her home God will find her another home.. precious precious. Thank u so much so grateful.

  9. I shared for you on facebook - hoping some of my friends are able to share and/or donate as well!

  10. Hi, Anne -- just donated $20 and will try to give more later. I am also sharing on FB. Joy and blessings to you as your life gets more hectic by the minute! Love you! Rosemary

  11. Thank you all so much. I am absolutely so thankful. You all of you, you are awesome and thank you all of you for helping us bring are baby home. Thanks for sharing and helping to get the word out for our need. Blessings to each and everyone of you.