Monday, October 15, 2012

An Amazing Thing...

An amazing weekend. I got to witness a birth. Did I actually see it No. But I was very close in waiting the arrival of my 1st niece in 10 years. Any one who knows me knows I love babies. I was not actually in labor for River Eleanor but I did travail in prayer for her. We are going to look into this word. TRAV'AIL, v.i. [L. trans, over, beyond, and mael, work; Eng. moil.] 1. To labor with pain; to toil. 2. To suffer the pangs of childbirth; to be in labor. Gen.35. TRAV'AIL, v.t. To harass; to tire; as troubles sufficient to travail the realm. TRAV'AIL, n. Labor with pain; severe toil. As every thing of price, so doth this require travail. 1. Labor in childbirth; as a severe travail; an easy travail. TOIL, v.i. To labor; to work; to exert strength with pain and fatigue of body or mind, particularly of the body, with efforts of some continuance or duration. Master, we have toiled all night and caught nothing. Luke 5. TOIL, v.t. To toil out, to labor; to work out. Toil'd out my uncouth passage-- 1. To weary; to overlabor; as toil'd with works of war. With any thing we do that is worth anything so many time more that not these two words are required. Travailing and Toiling. What a gift and blessings that comes from the hard work of these two things. As we waited from 8am till 2:42am. At the TIME it seemed like forever. But as it come and what a beautiful experience it was to know are prayers were being heard and God showed up and showed out. She is PRECIOUS in every way. I don't get to see my nephews very much and today we got to take them and play with all 7 niece and nephews total. We had the best time. As I reflex today I can only think about Time. Time seems so long when you are in the mist of something. There really is not a day or second that goes by that our experience,our Chance, our Hope, our coming last trips is not on our mind some how. Today makes our 16th week of being away from out little one and just feels like forever,since Feb when this adoption took a whole new course, since Oct 2010 when we started. Again back at Time. When you are in the mist of something it seems like forever. Last night as we waited for this precious baby it seemed like forever. But when she finally got here it wasn't till we actually seen her with our own eyes did that wait end. Our baby is so far away we have seen light going over there and meeting him. But our wait is still going on. Travailing is so hard!!! We are trusting God for the end results but it doesn't help with the longing to see him again. We still miss all the same. We still pray for Hope Rosemary all the same. Back to the boys as I think upon today think all the fun of the boys signing Jesus Loves Me in the tree. And going for walk with anything that moved with wheels(had some interesting vehicles.) I think to my self about Chance he has no one to call Mama or dad or brothers or cousins. He will have all the above when he comes home. I just cant get the imagines of glee from him precious face as he ran with Phillip for the 1st time I am sure. He was being chased so and he LOVED it. He will have so much attention. He will have a momma and daddy who adore him and cousins that are just waiting for him to come home. I cant wait for him to experience that fun of playing on a beautiful fall day with the wind blowing threw his hair. Please come together by praying and being a part of bring our precious baby home and Lord willing if God provides our little Hope RoseMary. Our Journey is nearing an end. Our papers are being translated in Country right now. after they are translated there is 6 more steps to happen then will be presented to Judge and she will see if she will accept them and give us a court date. We will have 2 to 3 weeks to get Visa and extra ready for 2nd trip. WHEN WE GET A DATE THAT WE DONT HAVE RIGHT NOW? So we are WAITING.. Pray for trip in November so we can Him home in DEC. Blessings

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