Saturday, October 27, 2012

Just Had to Give GOD All the GLORY!!

We got SHOW HOPE's $5000 dollar grant this week.  We are praising God out of 200 applicants we was chosen.  We are very honored and humbled to say the LEAST.  I cant wait to share when Chance gets older how much God loves him and pursued him and brought him HOME.  We  are so ready to see our little Man again its will be 18 weeks tomorrow.  Too Long submitting Paper work to Judge's Clerk after our time 12:01AM Monday.  Eight hrs differnce.
                    If you are here for the Blog Chance for Kindle and other Great Prices go down to Next POST and inter to win some great Prices.  And Thank you to Adeye and Facebook and Twitter for bringing people to our BLOG.  May it bless you.

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