Friday, November 16, 2012

My Heart is SO Heavy!!!!

Longing to bring our baby home.  Very sad because its been 22 weeks and still not home and still have not been on 2nd trip.  God and I have had alot of talks lately.  We get so close then we fall back.  We are praying by the grace of God to have a court date this coming week.  WE have relented know that we will not get to go to court till middle of December.  So being how we have to wait 30 days to pick  him up and come home.  SO we are trying to focus on just getting all the documents that the judge wanted redone.  My friends left today to go and meet there children in the same area we are adopting from.  At this particular orphanage there is several children there that had been hosted in America back in 2010.  My heart is breaking for these children as they will always ask anytime an American come when is my family coming?  I cant imagine.  I just cant imagine. Our baby was to young for that even though he new us daily and looked for us daily and was so excited to see us each day.  I am not sure how he understands time and how long it has been since he has seen us or if he thinks he will?  But these children are , 6 and 7 years old almost 8. 2 of them are getting adopted they are brothers,  but there is 2 more that is still waiting there parents have been trying to get them but it has not happened yet a brother and sister,  then there is a little boy named Nikitia his parents said they was going to adopt them and decided not to but had told him they was coming so now every time an American comes he ask when is my momma and papa coming.  Would you like to adopt?  Does this break your heart?  It should?  These kids dont want stuff,  they just want someone to love them. He doesnt have much time before he is unable to adopt.  Please help me pray for Nikitia and pray for the other 2 that there mommas and daddys want them so bad and it has not worked out.  If you want a picture or profile of him please email me.  I would love to find him a home. 
    WE are till we leave dieing to go back to our baby.  I am almost sad to see him second trip because I know I will have to leave him again for 30more days.  Oh Lord help me and give me grace.  Please. Please say prayers for us.  We are tired and ready to be done.  Our focus is what is at the end of the rainbow.  OUr precious wee little.  October 22,2010 to  _____________


  1. Anne,
    Sarah and I just read your post. We are praying for you and pray you will be able to bring your baby home soon!!! I wish we could give you everything you need, but I know the Lord is able to send you help from anywhere. He is your strong tower and your hope. Your family and these children are in our prayers, lovingly, Angie Knudson

  2. Thank you my sweet friend happy to hear about your 2nd reversal baby on the way. Our other friend that was at the same conference with you and us is due any day for her 2nd reversal baby number 7 total. I still pray after we get Chance that God will open my womb up again. Thank you Blessing, Anne

  3. Praying your precious one gets home to their forever family quickly..

    Matthew 18:19:20

  4. Thank you my new Anonymous friend Erica love your verse. Praying and believing. Blessings Anne