Thursday, November 29, 2012

Writing on the GOOOOOOO

Very busy these days with Redo Redo and Redos.  But Praise be to Jesus we think we got it right now and we are seeing LIght at the end on this long Tunnel.  I thank you for those who have encouraged us along the way. It has been a real blessing.  WE are almost done and Chance is almost home we PRAY and expect a court date to be given Dec 6th so please pray this will happen. We have been working on this since August and have had many papers going back and forth trying to get them right since August.  SO we are ready everybody is ready to see our little guy again. This weekend will be 25 weeks since we parted actually on Friday which is my 41st Birthday.  I pray our baby knows we are coming back that he was not wisked for 4 days by people who loved him and enjoyed him and than left behind.  I cant even imagine how our  next meeting and how it will go. THe thought of leaving him again is excruciating.  As it all evalves for those of you still watching our Journey I will keep you posted. It is exciting time for us what a wonderful ChRISTmas it will being know Our King of Kings is giving us our hearts desire in that of  baby.  I am still just in SHock as I was what seems forever ago.  Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and will Keep Christ is CHristmas.


  1. Praying...Matthew 18:19


  2. Praise the Lord I agree too. ( I also tell you this: If two of you agree down here on earth concerning anything you ask, my Father in Heaven will do it for you.)Matthew 18:19. Thank you so much for the good WORD and your agreement. Thursday 1AM is a big day or could be Friday or Monday or Tuesday not sure what day Judge will give us date but praying one of these blessed and highly favored days will be that Special Day to Receive an OFFICIAL court date. TO GOD BE THE GLORY. Thank you.