Tuesday, January 17, 2012

2 Less Orphans Soon to be...PRAY

We GOT FANTASTIC News for all of you who have prayed and prayed and some have even sowed into our Year LONG Journey we are IN as of Monday. WE are waiting for the news Now When is the BIG QUESTION. YEAH God thank you so much loving these children and making a way when there was no other way. I know their momma in Heaven is Rejoicing for her children. This is only the 1st step of 3 so DONT Stop PRAYING.. its working.  God is answering prayers.    If you this your 1st time go down  2 more Post for the Rest of The Story.  Blessings everyone!!!!!   God loves these boys and he is going to Bring them home.


  1. Can NOT wait to hear more about this Anne! Excited you heard news today!

  2. Thanks Mama FIsh we are EXPECTING MIRACLEs. It would not be happening with out them. God had a plan before for those children way before we ever come into the picture we are just the Vessel GOD chose to use. And we are thrilled to be a part of something so AWESOME. THank you Jesus. Thank you for praying and reading. Love you excitement.