Monday, January 16, 2012

Welcome New BEES and Oldies to our BLog..

First, I just want to thank Adeye so much for sharing our story before thousands.  Each person that looks and reads the hearts of our lives and our desires, I pray a Special Blessing in your lives.  I pray you will be touched by the stories of these children that have No Chance if left to the world,  ONLY God's Divine Intervention can bring the Miracle we Need.  I will update you to this point. We found our "Last Chance" child last year Oct 2011 thru a hosting program for Eastern Europe.  As we proceed forward we found out his momma died 2009, Dads rights terminated in Nov 2010,  we had to wait 1 year after that which was this NOV. But in that he was turning 16 in March 2011 so we had to secure him on the United States side till we could move forward.  By the Grace of God that all happened according to His plan. WE found out in June there is an 8 year old sibling we could not and would not want to separate them. They have already been separated for 2 years each of them not knowing where the other is.  SO we are now going after the TWO. We believe in FAITH and we CAN NOT put a PRICE on a SOUL.  Please Join us in PRAYING FOR a Miracle for Cole and Alec. We have over 65,000 to raise for our "Last Chance" adoption and his 8 year old Brother and we are waiting for the NEXT STEP.  Feel free to linger on our blog & read and watch our video # 2 Alec is not yet on their because number 2 is yet a surprise to us too, we just know that we will adopt them both to keep them together forEVER the way Their dieing MOMMA wanted it. In JESUS Name.   Isaiah 40:31 But those who Wait on the Lord will find new strength.  They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint.    This is the Word the Lord has given me to be still and Wait His timing is Perfect so as we wait to bring our children home we thank you for praying and believing God is ABLE TO do Excellently and Abundantly more than we could ever ask hope or dream. OuR God is ABLE.  LoveWINS, Phillip and Anne

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  1. What a beautiful thing you are doing bringing these brothers together to be a family again. I love that you have such an amazing faith in God. You are so right He does move mountains. We've seen Him do this several times in our lives. I am a good friend of your cousin Jennifer. She sent me the link to your blog and I must say that you amaze me. You are so blessed! Congratulations on adopting these two brothers. I pray that you will get all of the funds that are needed to bring them home. I am now following your blog so I can follow your journey. We just started our adoption of our little girl in China. She is a special needs child and has joint deformities as well as possible kidney problems. She is precious and she is ours. We knew it the moment we saw her picture. We love her so much and we can not wait until we can go and bring her home so that she can have a family that truly loves her and so she can get the medical help she so desperately needs to save her kidneys. We've felt God's hands all over this entire adoption. He has moved many mountains for us already. He never ceases to amaze us! He is an Awesome God!
    God Bless you!
    In Christ's love,