Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Quick Update

Our lady went today to submit our papers but the lady we need will not be in till next week. She is taking a longer break.  So we need everyone to keep praying for GODS TIMING not ours. He has a plan and we truly do not want to go before HIM or after HIM.  He is our LIGHT, HE is the WAY and we have set what we want aside to just fully trust Him in this Journey. We have heard that airfare , hotel rates and everything else is best in February and March.  So do pray we can keep in these 2 months and it would be great to bring Cole home by his birthday March 9.  But again we are so in on GODs timing not ours.  WE had a wonderful Christmas, a relaxing Christmas. God was so good to me. I prayed specifically that God would allow us to have a wonderful peace filled CHRISTmas this year.  God really impressed upon me that this was our last Christmas together as the 4 or us and I just wanted so bad that it would be special and it was. It was the best Christmas ever. I am not talking presents and all that I am just talking about the atmosphere the love, family, and connection.  I thoroughly enjoyed having my husband around for that extended time.  It was the best.  Thank you Lord our eyes are on you.

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