Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Selfless Act of Kindness

My heart has been touched by so many that have done a a selfless ACT of Kindness.  Knowing one thing OUR adoption can not happen without people like that, that understand how hard it is to raise money for something so big as this.  I cant help but go back to the Bible in the New Testament where everyone brought their money together and met the needs of the people.  Back then that is the way everyone needs got met by helping one  another.  Last night was a Big night for the Petitt just one way God has showed us that He is still in control over this situation.  WE got a huge donation from someone that wants to remain anonymous.  It was a sacrificial gift .  One that hurt.  My well loved "friend" we will call her Abby wanted to help us get a ticket. Found out they was about a 1000.00 and she sacrificially sold something to give us a 1000.00.  The verse that come to my mind John 15:13 "Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one's life for his "friends."  From the bottom of my heart I want to thank each and everyone one you no matter how Big or How Small each Gift is appreciated and used as a good stewards.  We are trying to cut corners anywhere we can.  I know though those days that every little bit is hard to give and I have seen God be so faithful when we dont question how or even why we just do what he says to do and he blesses the little to make it a lot. God can do that and that is my prayer for each and everyone of you that giving will not be fearful because when you give it unto the Lord you cant go wrong you are not giving unto me or my family you are giving unto the Lord and for the least of these His Orphans.  Thank you and have a blessed Sunday.


  1. Just made another donation. :) Going over to Adeye's blog to let her know. She has added ANOTHER $250 Walmart card AND a $250 Visa card to her prizes. If I happen to win any one of the four cards, I will have it sent to you -- it may help with travel expenses, even the Walmart card. It seems to me you can use Walmart cards at Sam's, and I think Sam's has a travel department ... I will check it out and let you know. Love you!

  2. Hi, MRS.Petitt

    I awarded you a Kreativ Blogger!
    Go to our blog and see what you have to do.


  3. Thank you Rosemary that is so sweet of you been so busy have not been on blogger actually. Thank very much what a very thoughtful and sweet suggestion. Blessings continues for you my friend. With life songs I dont know who donates till about a week or more after wards I will see Monday. Blessings Anne
    Thank you Sarah please email to tell me how to get there its not coming on my blogger. I would like to see what you award me. Hope baby is doing well your mother is so blessed. Blessings Anne