Wednesday, January 18, 2012

MOUNTAIN BE YEA REMOVED and THEY WERE !!! Thank you Thank you

Dear “Friends”,
     Each one of you has touched our lives in someway and we wanted to SHARE the greatest NEWS. Today is A VERY Happy Emotional Day for The Petitt Household. Our dossier was accepted in Country in EE today!  They want us to be ready to travel in the next 3-4 weeks!!

November 18, 2010- we started to Save A LIFE with One Last Chance Child. We joined in with the Free Chapel Corporate Fast last year and have seen God move Mountains! Only He could MOVE these mountains to get our last chance child secured with a I600 in the United States of America.  Through the help of so many officials in so many Government offices, social workers, people who knew the adoption world and Most of all the Power of God to move Mountains , the first step was accomplished!

We had to wait one year before we could proceed on the R****** side because we found out in County he was not adoptable.( due to length of time he was in there.  His momma died in 2009, dad gave them up)   In June we found out that he had a younger brother that is 8 years old!  It was never a question… we are adopting them both.  So now we are at another New Year and participating again with the Free Chapel Corporate Fast.  We are EXPECTING for God to Move Mountains.  I just want to thank you to ALL who helped and have prayed!

They have accepted our dossier and we could leave in 3-4 weeks! This is where the rubber meets the road.  We NEED God to show up in a Big way.  We are praying for every Miracle imaginable and KINGDOM CONNECTIONS AND FAVOR. We are praying for miracle money.  Our real Journey has only Just BEGUN.

Thank you for your prayers.  God has gotten us farther than we ever thought possible.  We have just kept going as each door opened, and when one closed, He would open another one. He does fight for his children. I have seen Him do wonders in this adoption that most people never see. This was not a traditional adoption, by any means. Our agency will tell you, “There is nothing Normal about this adoption.”  I laugh.  That’s because it is God's Adoption. Not ours. We are just the vessel that said, “ Here I am.”

Blessings to All,   Phillip and Anne Petitt
"May the God of HOPE fill you with all the JOY and PEACE as you TRUST  in HIM."   Romans 15:13


  1. Praise be to our Father! This is such wonderful news. The Worthey family is rejoicing right along with you.

  2. That is WONDERFUL News! GOD was defiantly in this!

    ~Sarah for the Family~

  3. God is literally just amazing us tonight we got a gift of 1000 from someone special that didnt have it to give. I am blown away. God is jealously fighting for our children and he is using so many to come to bat for them and help in this Journey we are just blown away. Blessings to all. Knudson we are still waiting for our Reversal Miracle. Yours is beautiful. You are are very blessed. Enjoy him... Tell your momma Hi.Blessings Mrs Lorrie I love you cant wait to here the good news on you all. Blessings Anne