Friday, February 24, 2012

Standing on the Rock, not on sinking Sand.

God has the Perfect little one in mind for us. And we are thrilled at GODS choice.  We will go to Country when they start taking referrals again to formally get it and meet this special one.  I feel as I have labored in Pain for 14months.  What a roller coaster we have been on.  But last night I had an all nighter of just seeking God.  My Bible tell me Seek him and you will find him, ask and you shall receive, Knock and the door will be opened.  Well we have done all 3.  As I have said we believe God is ll All Powerful and men cant stand in God's way of His divine Purpose and Perfect plan for our lives.  We believe that in the end if God chooses to send Kolya Home with us despite all that has been said, or speculated then IN deed we will have 2 of the Greatest gift known to man.  Children hand picked by God.  Many of you have walked this Journey with us to SAVE A LIFE of one boy who does not know just how much we adore him and Love him.  But we know one day he will  know the TRUTH despite what has been said or not said.  Truth will always stand the test of time.  We have gained a spiritual Son if nothing else. We will pray forever for this precious child that we have had the privilege of pursing the last year and half.  Please continue to pray for our sweet Cole.  Pray for Salvation,  against fear of the unknown and the Lies of the enemy.

I have been reading an amazing book called What Happens When Women Pray by Evelyn Christianson.  IT is live changing. It has really made me to see that everything that has happened to me God does not make mistakes.  My whole life was not a mistake the detours, hard times, ect was not a mistake there is a Bigger purpose and a purpose in general may not see it on this side of earth but because I trust God I want to pray According to HIS Will not my Will.  Yes it has been disheartening the turns of this journey but GOD is all KNowing and He knows best and has a plan reguardless of the ending.  I went to church 2 Wednesday ago it was awesome there was a very spoke that resided in my heart and God was so good he brought it back to me yesterday. I am claiming it and I am believing it for the months to come.  The Chapter its self was Psalm 84:2,2.,3, 5, 7,8,9  the verse that was quoted was 10B For the Lord God is the Sun and Sheild, the Lord will give Grace and Glory.  NO GOOD THING WILL HE WITH HOLDFROM THEM THAT WALK UPRIGHTLY.  12 Oh Lord of Host, Blessed is the Man who trusteth i thee.

The verse was spoken and it resided in my heart. I didnt have a clue where this verse was in the Bible and God gave it to me yesterday as I sought Him.  I love it when He does that He is just confirming what he has already said.  I believe everything he has told me in my blog from Oct ,10 to now 2012. I know God has spoken these things to my heart. I hear what Man is saying, But my GOd says is There anything Impossible for God.  I will stand on the Rock and SAY a firm NO.  His ways are Higher than Mine and in my humanness I can not grasp the end result but whatever it is it will GOOD and PERFECT because it is Gods PERFECT Will according to His plan for our lives.  I REST in this today and the next days to come.  Great Faith stretching Read.

When we are able to share the CHOOSEN one we will.  But I promise you when we can I will share it with Joy and Excitement.  OUR home will be filled with so much joy and the wonders of Gods goodness in the home after so many years will be just a Miracle one we have wanted so bad for so many years.  God is good and he is giving me the desires of my Heart.  We cant wait for the Choosen one..  They are so much fun and laughter.  Precious Precious.  Please pray country there is a measles out break and we had been told of fevers Sunday they not sure what it was so please pray for divine healing for the Choosen one Chance Matthew.  There is nothing worse than wanting to be with your choosen one and being far away and not being able to do anything.. Pray they will start giving REFERRALS again for the SAKE OF The CHILDREN.  Pray for all the government stuff worked out so these childrens lives will not be effected and not able to go to a FOREVER family that will  love and take care of them.  Blessings to all on this wonderful Day.  Keeping the Faith, My God is BIGGER.    Pray God will open the flood Gates of Heaven with His finances to BRING the CHOOSEN ONE HOME.


  1. I am in prayer everyday for you and following your journey. Every word on your blog is so true. Adoption is God's heart. I have always said with our adoptions that God allowed us to have a hand with him in this wonderful miracle and chose us out of so many other parents to love and care for some of his hurting children. The enemy has tried so hard to destroy, detour, and take from us but we stand stronger than ever with our wonderful Lord and Saviour. His strength will get us through all the of it and soon you will have the precious child/ children he has specifically chosen for your family. God bless your journey you will never be the same nor would you want to. People all the time say they are so lucky you saved them our reply is we didn't save them they blessed us and opened our very narrow world!

  2. Oh thank you Rhonda. What a blessing you are in our adoption family. You have so much on your plate right now. I am just rejoicing in the Lord that God is faithful and you have come to the other side and in great spirits and doing so well after the surgery. I cant imagine bearing what you have beared. I cant help but think of Simon of TYRE you have carried Jesus's Cross in more ways than most cant even imagine. Your son image is forever imprinted in my heart of why we are fighting desperately believing for Cole and accepting the referral for this little one to make an impacting difference in his life in a much earlier age and praying that God is a REDEEMER. Praying by Gods grace one day we will meet, My sisters friend has buddy passes and they always expire in month of Oct so I pray that come Oct maybe we can come and visit you with our new Editions in our family. I am praying for you my sweet friend. Healing to you body and healing for your family. Your husband and children are amazing what an amazing family GOd has blessed you with. He sure knew what he was doing with you. You have stood strong for him this whole time. No matter what satan did to crush you have not looked back you are like the energizing bunny you keep moving on. PRaise be To GOD. You are a modern day JOB. Blessed be the name of the LORD. The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away Blessed be the name of the Lord.Love you MUCH, Praying for you Much. Anne