Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Great things are HAPPENING

WE STOPPED praying answers and started praying REQUEST and according to the LORDS Will be done on Earth as in Heaven.  And we are seeing Action and Results.  WE are very excited to see that God really does have a PERFECT PLAN in our situation and IF we will just sit back and go threw the doors GOD opens and relax it will all come to pass.  We are excited  that God is sending my husband to a job in Huntsville Alabama Thursday 3/1 and we just happen to have  2 wonderful friends who are intercessors in prayer and prayers that reach the realms of Heaven.  This group of women pray for hours the last prayer group they had started at 6:30 pm and went to 1:30 am. That is what I am talking about. I am over joyed to the max that God, the God of the Universe has allowed my family to be in Huntsville Alabama for this prayer meeting that is for OUR adoption.  We are going to see sparks fly, mountains moved, and God do a NEW thing like never before.  I just cant wait if anyone ones to join us at the same time we are starting our meeting at 6:30 will be praying at 7pm  We will pray Our Adoption/ leaders, Judges orphanages and the whole country we are adopting from and Salvation for these people, (GOD CAN) The Orphans, and Fruit of the womb for women who desire to bare Gods seed and want to get Pregnant.   If that is you leave your prayer and I promise you we will prayed for you Thursday night.
Our 1st Adoption Benefit dinner will be held in Charlotte NC March 11 given by our good friends Tom and Tammy with help of so many to make this possible.  WE  are so excited just waiting to see what God is going to do this day. I am sure our minds will be blown away.  Because we Know when God is in something He always does more than we can ever imagine.  It is really like  a full circle Providence Road is the church that we started at when we got married. God was so good to us and He found us a wonderful family ( The BODY OF CHRIST) that loved us through are craziness of being newly weds, getting pregnant 3 months after being married,  and the craziness that all brought.  The friends I made there will never BE forgotten and I do still miss them dearly. I can not wait to see so many of them, its like a mini reunion.  They will not believe Adam who will be 14 in 3 weeks shy of this.  They all new me when I was pregnant with him and worked at the church school as lunch room monitor, a job I LOVED. I loved my children. and I loved the people that worked there. They was so good to us and they loved Adam. He was the school mascot when he came.  Then due to job situation we felt we had to move Feb 28th 1999 I remember that day because Adam was sicker than a dog with way high fever and I cried the whole way to our new home.  14 yrs have passed since we left but my heart has Never forgot the people. They showed me Jesus and what Jesus looked like to an unsaved person.  At the time I didnt know I was unsaved. I was raised in church all my life, I got baptized so I thought i was saved. But I lived my life in ways that would not glorify God.  Was a bad person not according to the WORLD.  But in  Jan 26,2002 after a very impacting movie I realized all I had was a form of religion and No fruit in my life and if I died I would die and go to Hell.  It was that night on Jan 26th, 2002 I gave my life to Him and He saved me by His BLOOD PRAISE GOD. and its been a slow journey ever since. But the people who sowed into me in those times I thought I was saved mean more to me than ever.  They loved me anyways and showed me what Real love was in so many ways. I am so glad, God is using the BODY of Believers that we 1st started with 15 years ago.  I stand AMAZED at God in this FULL Circle to Bless us Again in a NEW JOURNEY IN our lives. The journey of Adoption. Thou we have hit bumps and changes along the way we see God still opening doors and we are walking threw them. Gods timing can not be better He knows what we need and He knows when we need it and he knows how he is going to Provide it. THis week I have let go of the stress of wondering how we was going to do this. Many of you may know are story.  We did not go looking for adoption it found us. We been adopted mind and wanted too but felt How COULD we?  We are not the likely people to adopt.  WE are a single income family and adoption is not in the American BUDGET.  SO we thought God was out of His mind.  But we was crazy enough to believe Him when He gave us the verse in 2 Corinthians 8:10-12 And in this I give advice. It is to your advantage not  only to be doing what you began and were desiring to do a year ago. But now you must complete the doing of it, that as there was readiness to desire it, so that also maybe a completion out of what you have. For if there is a willing of mind, it is accepted according to what one has and not according to what he does not have.  So God already knew what we have and dont have.  This week I gave all this to God.   For a year and half since Oct 10, 2010 I have been carry burdens in this adoption that are not mine to carry. God asked us to be Obedient.  Period!  Not to try to figure it out and try to plan it and make it all happen.  I have come to realize that when we try to carry the LOAD that can delay a lot of Gods progress in our lives.  Until we move out of the way we are at a road block. Well folks I have moved out of the way and I have surrender to this one thing.  GODS Will!!!!!  Whatever that looks like.  I dont know what that is right now exactly.  One thing we know is we are adopting one of the MOST Precious baby on this side of Earth.  He will be our son, he will be 2 in MAY.  We are absolutely thrilled to death with this.  And if God decides to give us the privilege of adopting the ONE we had originally went After too along with Chance PRAISE GOD. WE want him too.  IF he decided to give us another one since we are qualified for 2 Praise God.  WE will  not turn any blessing HE has in store for us.  We did that for too long....:(   He knows what the need is and I know in my heart He will provide exactly  what we need no more, no less. GOD is faithful folks and I am glad my husband is Radical enough to not question God but TRUST His heart and Will for us. There is Peace in and of its self in that. I have such Peace and Happiness in my heart these past couple days I just cant contain my self. And I know its the work God is doing in me just to trust Him in Blind faith. Something I talked about but know now, I wasnt believing it one hundred percent.  My husband now that is a different story. He is the ROCK he has not one time wavered in this adoption even when All Hell has come to us from all directions even directions never expected. But he has stood strong. He has never once wondered how we was going to do this adoption.  He has had the faith in God to know some how some way He would provide.  I love my husband and I love the man God has shaped him into. He is a very wise man and I should of just listened and watch and believed so much sooner.  We might of got to where we needed to be a lot sooner. But that is hind site and we cant go back we can only go forward. WE are moving forward and we cant wait to bring our BABY home.  WE are believing God for great things things that are literally out of our control that only He can do.  So please believe with us and just pray:  Lord we pray ACCORDING TO YOUR WILL for the PETITTS. In Jesus NAME. and God will take care of the rest.  Because whatever it is, it is already done its just waiting to Manifest.  Love you All thanks for coming along on our Journey to SAVE A LIFE now lives.

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