Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Winner of the 50.00 Target Card!!!!!!!!!!!!

Drum Role Please...................

                                             Angela Sanchez from Canada 
We compiled the names from who gave threw No Great Joy Mom via our Lifesongs account and our Pay Pal account.  Blessing to all who gave and We are about 3,000 down from our goal of 10,000 for our 1st TRIP.

Getting details squared away.. Praise God we are Adopting and very exciting to be doing that.  Taking care of Gods children.  So many things in life are a test to see our Obedience to God.  Adoption is one of those test.  Do you trust me?  DO you love me?  No matter what happens do you Trust me and Love me to know what is Best for you and your family.  WE say YES to all of these.  What do you say.  Let the Lord be the love or your life and live a life that is by Faith not by SIGHT.  Blessing to Everyone this season of LOVE.  GOD is the only one that can give us AGAPE Love for ONE another.  I challenge you to ASK God for AGAPE LOVE for those closet to you.  Blessings My Sweet friends. Thank you for your Support.

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