Wednesday, February 1, 2012

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Had a great Service today at Free Chapel, Gainesville Georgia with Jentezen Franklin.  An incredible speaker and Pastor. I feel very blessed to get to go.  IT on the internet live for all of you that are not close by.  You are missing out on a real blessing so go and listen to him. 
What he preached on today on that last day of the Corporate 21 day fast was absolutely amazing.  It was out of the book of Acts.  `
Sermon Summary:
Pastor Franklin encouraged the church at the end of the 21-day fast. He spoke on a passage of scripture in Acts about Peter being locked up in prison and how God delivered Peter.  King Herod did not want Peter to escape from that cell. Herod ordered that the amount of chains on Peter be doubled, as well as double the guards and a special watchman over Peter. However, when God moves on your behalf, it doesn’t matter what is binding you spiritually or the amount of watch over you, God will handle it for you. Greater is He that is in and with you than he that is in the world. The angel told Peter to rise up and the chains fell off. As Peter exercised a small amount of hope and faith that he was being released, the way out was opened for him.  Regardless of what you are going through, know that God is sending his provision and release for those chains and you will be set free.
 Key Point:
Fear not. What appears to be too much for you and is holding you down cannot hold down God.  
 Life Application:  
God has placed His mighty hand upon our lives and has granted us unmerited favor for all things. However, at times it seems that even though we know that God is with us, some goals, achievements or desires are impossible to meet. We must know that with God, nothing is impossible - regardless of what we see or feel spiritually. We do not have to walk in fear that we cannot do what God has called us to do. We must not walk in fear.
Discussion Question:
Why is discussing/ talking/ encouraging others in the small group important to do? (You never know what that person is going through, we never know what chains they are carrying, and we are usually scared, but in the relational setting of small group, it’s easy to encourage as well as open up and loosen the chains of fear.)
Spring Into Action:
Being fearful and timid is an emotion that everyone experiences and feels at some point. Even though this is true, we as believers don’t have to be fearful. Fear is not of God at all. In fact, God gives us a “fear not” for every day in the year (365 times) in the scriptures so that we don’t have to fear - that He will be with us, uphold us and guide us as we see in Psalms 27:1. Trust in God completely. Fear not and watch God do the impossible for you as He did for Peter!
 Key Point:
Where there is faith in God, God can move. Regardless of the amount of faith, God is able to do His will - just believe in Him. (In this scripture, Peter did not fully believe that he would be delivered, but God still came through for him.)
 Life Application:
Having faith in God and believing in Jesus Christ is the sole responsibility that God requires of us as a believer. Simply believe Him and all that He did and said that He would do. We see this in Luke 17:6 that having the smallest amount of faith can move mountains. So when the enemy appears to be strong, mighty and overpowering, we must only need faith the size of a mustard seed for God to move that seemingly so big obstacle for us with ease. However, it’s important to exercise our faith in God’s Word and with our small group so that when that mountain comes before us, we have no problem telling it where to go.
 Discussion Question:
How has God moved mightily for you when you only exercised a small amount of faith? How has God moved for you mightily when you only exercised a small amount of faith since you have been in this small group?
 Spring Into Action:
We must know that we are God’s children. Yes, it may seem easy to say this at times. But it can be hard to believe that we are His children and that He would do anything for us. There is nothing in God’s will for our life that he can’t do through and for us. By simply having faith in Jesus Christ whom God sent as our replacement, we can do all things by believing. Regardless of the size of faith that you have, God is able as long as faith is involved. Peter thought that he was in a dream when he escaped from prison with the angel in Acts 12. Physically he had no faith in his situation, but his dream had just enough faith and still God moved. This is promised to God’s children in Galatians 3:26. Regardless of the depth of your relationship with God, simply believing creates the possible. And God loves making the impossible possible for His children. 
 Enjoy  and Keep praying...  WE are at a very Crucial point.

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