Tuesday, January 29, 2013

God is just messing me UP!!!

I can only stand and be amazed what the Lord has done.  There is so much I want to share but my heart is full and the time is not yet. For now I ask everyone to pray that we will have no problems Thursday with getting Passports on time and leave  Feb 2nd to come home as a family.  And to start a new season in our life.  Thank you for all of you that have helped in the Ten for Orphan fund raiser.  What a huge blessing it is for my family one that is very much needed. I pray blessings on each and everyone of you that gives to this adoption. I know God will bless and replenish it excellently and abundantly more than you could ever ask, hope, and dream.  I believe you cant out give GOD and I am praying for each and everyone of you to enjoy this blog go back and read from beginning you will see the MIRACLE that GOD HAS DONE.  YOU cant go wrong when God is in it.  Keep praying for our family we are in country and we are ready to come home.  So much has transpired and God has done such a good job.  He is GOD and HE has our back.  our baby is precious and we feel so very blessed....


  1. Beautiful!
    I can't wait to see and talk to you.
    Just a few more days - and you'll all be together!
    (and that first picture made me all teary - you all have had that effect on me for a while now).
    Love you dear one. Stay warm!

    1. Oh my sweet Erin I have missed you so much too. You need to get on Facebook just for a few minutes so you can watch all the vidoe footage. There has been so much media involved everyone got to be part of this adoption. God did a miracle. What we prayed for we just got done with IMMIGRATION and Embassy. WE are legal now to go threw Passport control in Moscow. And we have another adoptive family flying with us tomorrow as well. They adopted 2 precious brothers. 3 and 4. cant wait to meet them and become forever friends. God is so good all the way from California... I love you see you soon. Anne