Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I bring you GOOD NEWS from IN Country. Give God all the Glory!!!

We arrived here on the 20th with expectation of Getting Chance on the 21st.  But that did not happen.  We got a call from the Judges quarters stating that we must come in.  We went to the court house and was told that the Public Prosecutor was filing an appeal on the grounds that Chance was not exposed to enough Russians for adoption.  IN court it was stated that there was several couples who came but was not interested in him after hearing medical diagnosis's.  So his claim was not accurate, he had exposure.  To make a long story short I appealed to the President Of Russia and let him know I was having problems and needed their help.  I had sent a letter several weeks earlier about our adoption and thanking him for having the CHANCE to adopt Chance.  SO they was already aware of our case. I am not sure exactly what changed the persons mind who made the appeal  but we are very grateful for his withdrawal of his petition.  WE are having many interviews with TV, radio, and not sure what else.  I feel even are agency is shocked at the granting of our baby.  The people are very excited that we are bringing Chance home. They really dont understand the Americans desire to adopt.  I feel I was able to answer some of these questions in a positive way.  My prayer was that they would see my Heart behind the perseverance of patience in this long time of waiting.  Had a great time with TV people.  Very nice.  I thank you for the many prayers that have went up and we are very excited for the NEXT season of our life to begin with Chance.  I have let them know we have found a little girl that is very special to us and if President Putin lifts the Ban than we will come and get her.  SO please keep praying for Hope Rosemary.  I am hoping to see her before we leave.  My husband has said bring his boys home so that is what we are doing we will be leaving Feb 2 for American.  Blessings to ALL.


  1. Praise The Lord for answered prayer! Rejoicing out here in California!

  2. We are Rejoicing along with you and are renewed by this news! Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE with GOD!!! We pray that we can also bring our 3 babies home soon!!! - Matt and Debby Brown

  3. thanks you we are praying as well. I will be advocating for you all in country and out of country. Blessing