Friday, January 25, 2013

Still here in COUNTRY...

Hello,  Well things have went smoothly we are still waiting to get Chance's Russian Passport. Will have Thursday.  Will not be in Moscow till Friday and Lord willing will leave still Saturday if Embassy will get us done in one DAY.  Pray this will happen. We are ready to go home to USA.  Chance is doing wonderful.  He does like his naps.  Which is good.  He is too cute we are enjoying him so much.  Keeps momma busy my own days are gone for several years again. YEAH  Will do more updating later going to take a nappy.  We are in the waiting MODE, to go home this time for good..  God has done a miracle Lots of Media coverage which was surprising German media wants to meet us in Moscow and take us to Red Square and film more there and not sure where else. Not sure the reason behind it all but I will be advocating for those still left behind and pleading with President Putin to the the 150 to go home.  Please keep praying with us.  These children have met there parents they are waiting for them to come. There was a comment made that they think anyone can be there momma and Papa.  I can tell you clearly our son met us in June and he clearly knew who we was in Dec and now he wont let me out of his sight and we have only had him since Wednesday.  He knows his MOMMA and calls me MOMMA.  So  I dont agree with that statement its a natural instinct that a child knows who is loves them so and has that natural instint to protect and keep safe.  The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. Just a thought.  Blessings to all.

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