Friday, January 11, 2013


God in his mercy and President Putin is letting us come and get our children.  We are very thankful to be able to get Chance.  WE are very busy we leave in a weeks time.  Quick.  WE are not complaining we are thankful for this day that has come finally after 2 long years of battles we are finally going to bring home what was only a dream so many years ago.  I am very grateful and I give God all the GLORY.  HE has did this MIRACLE we have prayed for.  Blessings and usually will start posting as we go threw our 15 days between St Pete and Moscow.  Thank you for all the prayers and followers.  WE are still praying for HOPE ROSEMARY we have not stopped praying. PRay for her a family.  a Russian family because as of right now no one else will be able to adopt anymore children from Russia.  So I pray for a Russian family to love her and care for her.  Blessings to all. Anne

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