Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Be still my heart we went back today as soon as he seen us we got this HUGE smile on his little face squeeled with delight and Ran as fast as his little tiny legs could run with his 12 months Carter pants with suspenders holding them up.  Oh how precious was He.  He was devinely Happy to see the familiar faces he had been introduced to the day before.  Today we learned about Brats and Bubbas meaning Brothers, and MaMa and PaPa.  He got the picture cube with all his new families pictures on it.  And his new fluffy comfort blanket. Today we seen that there is some real language barriers. It is hard getting what he wants if you dont know what he wants.  He likes the corner when he is frustrated.  As cute as he is anything he does is too cute.  SO yes we laughed and tried to figure out what he wanted.  He actually learned how to drink a juice box today and walked over very confidently before we knew what he was doing and used his new blanket so nicely to wipe his chin off.  Very good boy.  Yesterday he did not know how to suck on straw today he finally got it half way threw.  That is a smart boy.  Saying more words He says PaPa very good and looks at Phillip and of course Phillip is moosh all over.  He has Phillip dripping from the hands.  He wanted to give him another juice box because he knew that is why he placed his self in the corner he didnt want anymore animal crackers-COOKIES, He didnt want the BEADS, or Balls he wanted another juice box which would of given him a belly ache and other things.
       Today we seen some of the other children.  My brain is haunted by the eyes.  One little girl I am agonizing over.  These BIG beautiful Brown eyes that come up to me with such temid courage hoping for me to show her what I had. "A CAMERA". She let me take a picture of her then we looked at the picture.  Did not get to spend much time before hurried to by nurse to finish our looking of the sleeping area and to say bye for the day.  They have routine and we coming in does break that a bit.  Please pray for this sweet princess.  There was actually more girls than boys.  I seen a little litte down syndrome girl very sweet and quiet little girl.  A blonde little girl with little hair 1 and half or 2.  Our little guy was by far the smallest of the bunch all the other children tower over him.  Bless his heart. 
      The eyes of please something :  fill in the blank; Love me , Hold me , Play with me, take me home,  be my__________?  Oh heaven help me if I had 10,000 more I could take her and Chance.  What a horrible situation to be in.  TO want so bad just to make a life better and to give a home to children.  and to know the limits that your life has that you cant humanly can do unless divine intervention. She is 3.5 at 4 they go to a regular orphanage.  Where the Big children are.  She is still a itty bitty still a baby really.  Not ready for such a change in the world and in her life.  Please pray for her I will call her Na'- Ta'l- ya'.  Natalya she is beautiful.  The Biggest brown eyes EVER.  So precious.

Had a wonderful evening last night with a great friend out on the town down the main road in Country have great pictures coming.  Cant wait to share.  Some today when can get loaded. 

Pray for my heart and pray for the workers of these children that God will give them patience and love for these children and a geniune gentleness with them.  NO matter where they come from or what is wrong with them that they will be seen AS SPECIAL.  The main Nurse seen our two boys and asked very specifically why would you want another boy?  I told her we love children doesnt matter whether boys or girl they are all great and we are very excited to get another BOY.


  1. I've been traveling for the past 26 hours and just saw your update!! I'm so excited for you! Can't wait to read more!

    1. Are you home my sweet friend? My phone is dead I cant waito to talk to you I am over joyed with what God has done in your life and with your new family and Andrey. I am out of the loop but so excited to here what is all been happening. Love you much. Anne

  2. I am over the moon for you dearest Anne! Can't wait to hear more from you and get an update!!!! Praying for you and sweet Chance, as well as your little brown-eyed Princess!!!!! Lots of Love!!!
    Mel G

  3. Thank you my Mel. As soon as I get home we will set up a Skpye time to talk. Have so much to tell and so much to pray about. Chance is sweet pray for us wisdom and quick transition. How is your precious crew? and the Bonding that has been on my mind so much? Is that better? Praying and love you much. Met a guy from Africia and thought about you my sweet friend. My little Angel friend from farway. Blessings to you.