Monday, June 11, 2012

Quick note Craziness everything fell threw for rooms on Saturday we as go crazy all week trying to figure out a NEW Plan. Found rooms ranging 375.00 to 268.00 a night. OUch Needless to say we kept searching.Instead of waiting and trusting the Lord. I did not and I failed Waiting On The Lord. Found something and was very grateful to the person that helped me. Found an affordable place that work. But on Saturday God is So good and ON time. Christian University had a party cancel and had rooms for us. So we confirmed Sunday and we are already to go. We arrangement wise. We still have packing. We are praising God for his provision as far as we know we are fully funded this 1st trip which is a blessing and a Divine Miracle. We are excited beyond words. Instead of waiting and trusting the Lord. I did not and I failed in that. Praying to learnt this lesson quick. I still cant believe I am actually going to country. I am actually very excited to go. I have roots in Lithuania which was under Russia way back long ago. Very hard times for our people and I cant imagine that pain. I thank God for healing and restoration. More later on being squeezed.


  1. So very happy for you! Very excited that you are leaving soon!Remember to put all things in our good Lords hands, and you will have an AMAZING time. Enjoy every step of it!

  2. Yes that has been what we are doing and things are moving right on up. WE are just in AWE of this God we serve. PRaying for your addition of 3 more Lord willing soon.