Monday, June 18, 2012

                                           HE loved the beads ever said, "Ba eee dddssss"

PRECIOUS are the hands and feet of our sweet baby to BE. He is extra SMALL and
SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO sweet.  He aleady let me eat his fingers, tried to eat the camera,
he has hugged and layed his head on my shoulders,  He is a keeper forsure and we are so IN
love with him.  He loves his soon to be PAPA.  Good laughs. His little face just lights up with JOY and GLEE.

Our time is very limited these days very busy.  We have been here 2days now and it has been hit the floor running the whole whole time since here.  We have seen our precious baby thats has been chosen for us by the Committee and we are very pleased. He is very precious.  He is way esmaller than we could of ever imagined. Not sure on weight yet but I would say maybe 14 lbs if that.  Very mall but so precious. Loves to be loved and cuddled.  loves kisses, at animal crackers for 1st time wasnt so sure of that.  Liked the juice didnt know how to drink a from a straw. His official name is Chance Michael.  I picked Chance which means Lord of Judgement  Phillip wanted Michael.  So we combined them.  His BirthDAY Nov 4, 2010. 
We have all our 8Medical MD doctors today.  You can pray for me.  I DO NOT like all that goes with that.. No offense just not so good on Blood...  eeeekkkkkk  More later. Pray we will get to see him today even if its later today after his nap.  Blessings to all.


  1. So tiny and precious!! I remember those booties on everyone's feet. Praying for your 8 Dr. Medical. That is something we didn't have to do thankfully.

    1. Praise God you didnt. It was very interesting that is to say the least. But I am thanking the Lord it is over and we have got it from them personally and there should be NO questions. How you doing? Havent seen you in forever. Blessings to you and your CREW.