Sunday, June 3, 2012

 I want to be real?  My husband and I have stepped out in faith believing with God all things are possible. I just want to take a few minutes and thank those who have helped from a 1.00 to 5,000.00 each amount has meant the world to us.  It is not the amount that matters its the intentions of the heart that matter  and the LOVE behind it.  God multiplies the Gifts. He has, we are READY for 1st trip.  Praise be to Jesus.  Giving God all the Glory and all those who helped us get to this point. We COULD not of did it on our own I promise you that.

Pride is not a factor, I lost that when we got the call saying COME.  We will share our Journey freely.  It is very expensive but I truly believe one cannot put a PRICE on a SOUL.  “A LIFE” there is no amount of money worth some ones life. 

  1. We believe IT will all come in...
  2. We love this ONE and God will provide threw His people and His ways to finish the Journey.  
  3. Then God gets all the glory from it.  We are just being obedient to His Word the BIBLE, where it says to take care of the Orphans, Widows, Fatherless and  the Foreigners.
  4. We will adopt as many children as the Lord provides for.  Right now our focus is for this wee one. 
  5. My prayer is one day we will not have to raise funds for adoptions.  I pray that God will bless my husband with an even better job that we can be self funded.  What a blessings that would be.  But right now we still have to raise the funds.
  6. I will just be honest with you or anyone else every penny helps and is a HUGE Blessings. No amount is too small.  I was looking the other day we have had over 8,900 visits to my site since started if everyone who  has visited donated a dollar that would be over 8,900 dollars for the Journey of Saving a LIFE.  That is HUGE in the adoption World.
  7. I don't feel like it should be a secret some countries are just plum expensive and the average Joe doesn't have that laying around. Contrary to the belief that all Americans are rich.  But when the Body of Christ comes around and operates per Bible it is amazing what God can do with hearts willing to give back what is not ours anyways, to something that God has asked us to do anyway.
  8. I look at the buildings, churches, houses, cars, vacations, clothes, furniture and so much more and I am just blown away. The Expense of these things...In our world, the American world they are looked upon as needs. But a lot of times when you talk about adopting a child this is just a few things that get said.   Oh really? That Much? Oh my, how are you going to afford that? That is just too much... I cant believe they charge that much... I am a ponder, I ponder and think A Lot. I have really thought about this for the year and a half of this Journey.  I hear all this but its nothing for people to put money on things rather than people? to the smallest thing to the Largest thing.  Why is that?  I truly don't understand this upside down world.  We have chose to do this why because we want to give life to our Precious with a mom and dad here on earth but also Hope for all of Eternity?  Raised in a home that will Love, Cherish and teach Truth along the Way.  Question I have asked my self do I care more about things?  or People?  and what am I teaching our children. Sometimes we have to wonder if we are doing a good job? Things or People, Really?  Why not?  I have been pondering on this.  The only thing I could come up with is Value of Life.  DO we really Value Life and see the Value of A Life?  To me this One is precious and a life that is of the up most importance. 
  9.  I had the sweetest thing happen the other day my son had lost 50.00 he found it again the other Day.  The 1st day he come up to me and handed me 5.00 for tithe.  A child?  A 10 year old child giving back his 10 percent back to the Lord.  That blessed me. Then the next day I could tell some thing was on his heart. He said Momma I want to give all my money to ******.  I can take ****** to Heaven with me. I cant take toys they just break.  Talk about weeping and being over whelmed. He gets it folks he gets it. I praise God by Gods Grace we have taught our children the value of LIFE. Life  is more important than things any day.  Wednesday both boys had side jobs.  Guess what this time they made 40.00 each they both gave me the check and told me they wanted to put it towards bringing there new special one home.  Though this may not sound like a lot in the grand scheme of the amount we need.  I am seeing my boys grow tremendously threw this year and Half.  Things are not mattering to us. All we want is the CHILD God has literally hand picked for us.  This life is not our life and when we give our lives to God for his plans that is when we truly find life.  When we do something for others that is unexpected that is when we find that joy that is unexplainable.  I Challenge each and everyone of you to do something you think is crazy and help us bring our Sweetie home.  Have faith to know when Precious is finally revealed you will love as much as we do and you will know you really had a part in changing a life for all ETERNITY.  How Cool is that?
  10. The REALITY of things....
  11. The Adoption its self is 38,995.00 American money.  Add airfare based on what we have already put out, lodging, Visa add 11950.75 to that  this does not including food with only One going last trip.  You see we are believing in something BIGGER than us.  A Miracle to save a Life. It not about us.
  12. This 1st trip we have already paid out already 3556.00 flights, 768.00 Visa, room rate will cost as of today 305.00 +200.00 we have to take 5,000 cash to Country, and this does not include food. 
  13. When we get back from Country we have to pay 19700.00 to Agency just to get to the next step. 
  14.  That doesn’t include what we have to take for 2nd trip.  We need 3,000 cash plus all the airfare, hotel, food and lodging again. 
  15. Then we come to 3rd trip airfare again, lodging, food and on top of that adding 650 more just to get to where the US Embassy is and pay then pay all there fees. 6605.00 to Country. So as you can see there is a HUGE Need. Why do it because the Greatest Gift of all IS Love.  I can do all these things but if I have not Love everything I have done is in VAIN.  Love is why we are doing it.  Any and every child deserves a Chance. We want to be a part of this Life line giver.  We LOVE...
  16. I don’t know exactly what you was thinking But we  do need all who can to help and all that will please share our blog and Need. Someone may be looking for a ministry like this to sow into.  If you go threw Pay Pal it is Tax Deduction.  It does not go to us it goes to Help  give a Precious one a CHANCE of a normal life with brothers, sisters and a family. 100percent towards the Adoption.   Bringing us ONE step Closer to Final destination.  HOME.
  17. YOU all have been prayed for and we are praying Blessing on your family.  Time for reflection and FOOD for Thought.                   Blessings For Life

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